Monday, September 21, 2009

c a l l i g r a p h y

this is the first of a few posts i may do about some special moments
from my trip to japan . . .
learning calligraphy with the women's association of kyoto
was such a highlight
( and i would recommend their classes without hesitation )
this involved a home visit with an interpreter
to the home and studio of a master calligrapher . . .

i had not known previously that calligraphy is not just communication
but the act of ink to paper is also about
breathing and spirit as in other forms of meditation . . .

and that like all great arts ( and life ) our calligrapher told us
you never stop learning

not only did the class inspire me
but after when we were taken downstairs for a cup of tea,
the accompanying fruits we were offered were on little plates
that looked familiar to me. . .
i asked about and knew about the maker
( which thrilled both myself and the teacher )
as they were made by rengetsu
a poet, buddhist nun and potter from 19th century japan
i really couldn't believe it . . .
i touched and held them in my hands
, ate off them. . .
this also renewed my belief in the use of pottery,
no matter how antique, valuable or precious . . . in daily life

there was a major show of rengetsu's work at australian national gallery
last year, and the catalogue is one i pour over and over. . . and over
( feeling an, of course humbled, yet strange connection
as i am also a poet
who puts my words on my pottery )

it was like an musician meeting their idol . . .

and so appropriate was this happenstance
( and we all laughed and delighted in the fact )
that the calligraphic symbol i chose to draw
as my final piece just moments before was called

one chance, one moment

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