Friday, February 26, 2010

studio photos

yesterday i referenced the post my friend pia
did on her visit to my home

a photo she showed on her post has garnered much interest.
the one with my clay cutters and the 'button bowls' underneath
well, these are made by my very dear friend, selene
( who also happens to be one of my wonderful studio girls )

above is some more of her latest work newly made . . .
as she tries different techniques and styles.
stay tuned as these may be out in the world one day to purchase . . .
i am lucky enough to have one in my home already. . .

a gift from selene for firing the tiles she decorated
for her beautiful bathroom reno . . .
i thought i'd show you a picture of that too . . .
she's one talented lady . . . and her next project is a kitchen reno
( and being privy to what she is planning i can't wait to show
you this when it is finished, i love the handmade coming into
homes in this way )

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