Monday, March 15, 2010

my book launch

it's over a week ago now
but i thought i would share some photos of my book launch
taken by my dear friend lincoln . . .
it was a truly magical night, and i am
still coming out of the haze little by little.
the launch was moved to a room overlooking brisbane city
on the 3rd floor of GoMA
the beautiful speech that my publisher kay delivered
made me cry, and by the time it was my turn
to speak i was a quite overwhelmed, that coupled with the
amazing turnout, i was lost for words and fumbled through
my speech . . .
i am so thankful to each and every person that came along
and those that support me from afar
i am still getting through emails and promise i'll get through
all of them as soon as i can . . .

thank you so much for all your support
and thank you also to the gallery store and murdoch books
for hosting one of the most special nights of my life

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