Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i n t r o d u c i n g . . .

this years christmas bird design !

i've finally sent my wholesale list for this years christmas range
to all my stores . . .

so thought it only fair i show you what this
years bird looks like too . . .

i think a little of my trip to paris has rubbed off
on one of the birds . . .
( actually, the design was finalised in february, way before i left,
and the studio girls and my sister all commented that
they loved i was already influenced by the french
before i even
got there . . . )

anyway i hope you like this new design . . .
i'll make sure some are in my online store by early september

AND in other exciting news
i have been wanting for a long time to produce
some journals . . .
they are finally going to print this week
and will be available in shops and in my online store
by mid september

i will be sure to show you some photos as soon
as i have samples of them to share

there are 3 designs,
hardback journals with blank pages and a ribbon marker,
a beautiful textured cover paper,
with a quote and different pattern on each. . .

( that's all i'll say for now, i'll keep you waiting a bit longer . . . )

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