Tuesday, March 22, 2011

landing in my inbox . . .

so many lovely emails arrive in my inbox every week
and some weeks it is hard to get on top of them all

but when this little photo was sent yesterday
i just had to share asap. . .
( and finally share the one below also )

one of the wonderful things about running this small business
is forming lovely working relationships with my stockists . . .
they feel like friends
( though many i have never met )

one of my stores in canberra is the style emporium
the lovely owner kerist sent me the photo above
of her weekend of making !!!

it is so fabulous to see these little tags being used . . .
we have sent many a pack to our stores,
and sold many online so i hope there is baking and making
going on all over the place . . .

for christmas one of kerist's shop girls ainslee was given
one of my biscuit press's from kerist . . .
and she made the most beautiful batch of cloud biscuits
( image below )
i've been meaning to post this image ( and link ) for a while
so kerist's email yesterday prompted me
to put the two friends results
together . . .

thanks for sharing
you gals are great

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