Sunday, July 10, 2011

i know i haven't been here
as much as i sometimes have been . . .

it has been a strange
up and down
few weeks
few months

i keep working hard
keep trying to keep my chin up
trying to find beauty in what is around me
trying to make beautiful things in my working life

but some-days it is harder than others

i have been writing again
( not that i ever stopped )
just writing a few more bits and pieces
passages that seem to be forming
new things,
poems maybe

but writing isn't always easy

for it talks and sings to me of things i sometimes
want to hide from

the truth, as is its way,
pushes through
(as it should)
and this is where the words meet

last weekend i lent this beautiful letter box to my friends
lou and kristina for their market stall

it is a treasured thing
an object of love

objects are funny things
sometimes the most banal and battered,
purposed and domestic items,
hold secrets and stories

i loved sharing this letterbox for
lou and kristina's beautiful new project
as both the project and this letterbox
is full of such meaning

it is a token
a relic
a love letter in itself

it is home with me again now
this little box

this little house
that had the most treasured
of love letters delivered to me in it over the years

i continue to write letters of such kind in response
and always will

( and these letters will one day be read i hope,
as they are the in-between ones, the ones without end )

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