Thursday, September 22, 2011

in store . . .

our 2012 calendar stock
was delivered this week . . .
box after box . . .
and is now, finally, in store !

we are thrilled with the final result
and to celebrate we are giving a flat shipping rate of $5
(within australia)
on all calendar orders until the end of september . . .

we are also going to give a bonus for multiple purchase
for every 4 calendars purchased
you will receive a 5th one free
(and the shipping price remains the same)

both the bonus offer,
and the flat shipping rate will be available until the
end of september

hope you are having a good week
( sorry to bombard you with info that we are indeed
heading rather quickly to next year )
crazy but true

where do the years go i ask you !
i feel like i've not been here much
but there is much going on behind the scenes
and i'll be back soon
with more news and wanderings

calendars available HERE

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