Wednesday, March 4, 2009

exhibition . . .

this weekend an old friend from my art college days,
stephen brasch,

is having an opening in brisbane
of his new paintings . . .

stephen paints landscapes ( both urban and rural )
in the places that surround his suburb and his travels.

some places in our world may be considered
banal or unimportant
compared to
the major sweeping vistas of the sea or large open landscapes

and can therefore be given less credit than may be due ( i think ). . .

for the quiet and sometimes overlooked places that surround us
( in our homes, our cities, our small towns )
are part of the tapestry of us, our country, and our time
more than we may realise in this busy world of now . . .
they can be little signposts, places of quiet industry
and places of truth

although this may seem a stretch and although
stephen and i have only had fleeting converstions of
such things . . . these thoughts have lead me
to think of one of my favourite artists giorgio morandi

morandi painted (some might think) merely objects and vessels
but on closer thought and inspection
he indeed painted little patches of universe
morandi once said :

everything is a mystery, ourselves,
and all things both simple and humble

stephen's work is honest and beautiful
and this show will be well worth a look if you are town

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