Saturday, March 7, 2009

limited edition prints

another of my new works can now be announced . . .

for a long time i've been asked for some prints
or etchings ( wall pieces really ) of my some of my poems. . .
and after finding the delightful alischa
from bespoke press
this task seemed to unfold naturally and beautifully
( and also of great importance to me i was able to
source such a project locally )

it was important to me to keep a simplicity and whimsy
to the poems . . . as well as creating a well made piece of art

surprisingly ( or not so really ) letterpress was the perfect fit
with a similar process of pressing words and colour :
this time not into clay, but paper . . .

alischa has sent through some photos of the
printing of the work from the last few days
( this project has been many months in the making )
and although i haven't seen these in real life yet
the photos show me that this is the beginning of a
lovely working relationship !

alischa has been encouraging, ever helpful, and a joy to
commission such a project from . . . x

soon these signed & numbered limited edition poem-prints
( there are 2 different ones to be released )
will be available through my online store
and in many of my stockists

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