Sunday, April 26, 2009

writing desk

i've had a couple of lovely emails of late
( especially from readers in far away lands )
asking to see a picture of the writing desk i bought on my
recent road trip . . .
above is it's current position in my home -
the window behind overlooks the rambling hilly suburb
i live in, here in brisbane.
the window looks west so heavy curtains
are needed to block the scorching setting sun
( only for a short time each day though )
i do like sunsets so when the heat is gone the view is beautiful

the second shot is the inside of the desk stained with ink of
writers past . . .
this is now covered over with books and paper and
all sorts of bits and pieces . . . like this
it's nice to have a place to keep all my words
( and hide them when i need to also)
scattered words that, at the moment, are being
shaped, formed, and molded into new poems . . .

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