Sunday, November 15, 2009

m o m e n t s

these days are a bit of a daze at the moment

i have just returned from
the spring poetry festival in canberra
which was both a joy and a privilege to attend
i met so many inspiring and wonderful people
both on the panels i was on, and the audience
who came along . . .

and certain conversations reminded me
that following this passion and lifelong pursuit is worth it. . .

even if, sometimes, the solitary pages and (often)

melancholy wanderings of my work
leave me scared or perplexed. .. .

to inspire even one person is worth it
and i think whether we grow beetroot or sugarcane,
wash windows or nurse people who need care,
mother, paint pictures, or sell groceries
we all have a story

and we are all poets in our own way
"does a poem have to even have words?"
a new friend asked . . .

and as i took this photo of the curtains

in my lounge room this afternoon
i thought of this and agreed,

no it doesn't . . ...

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