Friday, November 6, 2009

remembering to breathe

i'm finally coming up for air to say hello again . . .
the past weekend at finders keepers
was amazing and exhausting and amazing

it was so lovely to meet so many people who
knew my work, or discovered it for the first time . . .
talk to people about how wonderful the markets were,
and how lively the brisbane design scene is . . .
it was a great way to get a few more things for my christmas
shopping list crossed off, as well as meet other brisbane designers
where introductions had only previously been made
through email or through admiration of their work

a big thank you to the fabulous brooke, sarah, and alischa who
made the weekend such a marvel . . .
and to my darling sister, dear friend sarah, and miss jen who
played fabulous shop girls with me

i haven't stopped for long this week to recover
as the last of my wholesale orders go out,
many a phone call and email between myself and
the publishers as the final tweeks
of a once courageous heart gets done . . .
and somewhere amongst all of that

remembering to breathe . . .

someone very close to my heart used to tell me to do
that . . . i still hear his words ringing in my ear
when it all gets too much . . .

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