Thursday, January 21, 2010

clouds . . .

it is no secret that clouds feature in my work (and words)

so, as i'm back in the studio (slowly but surely) this week
i am making sure there is time for some new ideas
. . . or rather old ideas and
just finding the time to make them a reality . . .

i don't know how these bowls will turn out
clay is a mysterious creature . . .
and like all mysterious creatures they can
break and crack and twist and turn

so i will wait with breath (somewhat held)
until these new works are through the kiln,
to show you properly these
floating window cloud pieces. . .

i have an advance of my book now and will show you some
sneak peeks soon . . .
there's a few mentions of clouds in there too . . .

a once courageous heart
will be launched on march 5 at the gallery of modern art,

for those in brisbane who would like to come along
keep the evening free . . .

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