Saturday, June 5, 2010

so anyway . . .

i am supposed to be cleaning my house
but, you know . . .
i've been looking through photo's from my recent trip instead . . .

before i left, my dear friend sarah gave me a little
note and a great book as a bon voyage gift

the note (click on image to see wording clearer)

had a word for each day . . .

even though the plan was to be home in time

for the last two days for the
we will see you at and, wilco

it wasn't meant to be . . .

so anyway . . . below (and above) are 30 photos for 30 days of april . . .

i have added a picture of wilco as the last picture
it is the only one of the photos below that i didn't take . . .
i hope you like my happy snaps

berwick church easter saturday

the grounds of charleston

monks house, viriginia woolf's writing room in the back yard

text installation by douglas gordon at the tate
(amazing, and right up my alley)

we caught a show

rodin's garden

i love house in any lanuage

brancusi's studio at the pompidou

paying homage

laudree (exquisite)

another moon

anthropologie on the kings road, london

my sister's birthday with her london pals

ryantown window

fabulous east end store called handmade interiors
will be back with update of link

oh yeah . . . and wilco

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