Monday, June 14, 2010

work in progress

there is much going on at paper boat press HQ at the moment

we are well and truly into christmas ornament making
for the year,
which makes the year seem like it is going
even faster than it does already . . .

i am making packs of 5 little magnets ( above )
with my vintage button patterns
that will come in sets of flowers, hearts, and a moon and stars,
for finders keepers
which is less than two weeks away now
( they will be available online soon also )

this years christmas bird is nearly ready to
be revealed . . .

quote tag orders are overflowing and being sent
to lovely stores all over the country

. . . and this year my retail outlets will
have the chance to sell my spotty stars . . .
i have given them a rest for the last two years
in my wholesale range
but after selling out online (at christmas)
and at the couple of markets
i did last year around christmas,
i thought it was time to put them back in the mix . . .

my work on a whole is pared back,
and in a lot of ways relies on a neutral palette, subtle colour accents,
and these, although complementary to the other work
sometimes seemed a little too bold . . .

but the people have spoken,
and when i opened the kiln this morning
they jumped out at me all bright and cheerful

and lets face it, with 6 months from christmas-tree-time
and the slightly freaky workload that awaits,
if they made me feel cheerful this morning
there must be something merry about them . . .

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