Monday, November 15, 2010

found . . .

sometimes you need a distraction . . .
especially when you are shoulder deep in work
( work that i love mind you )
but a distraction is a good thing . . .

when traveling to london early this year
i bought a little bag of hard candy
( really only because it was made of letters )

when sharing some with a friend the other day
i told the her the story about something an
old boyfriend of mine from my early twenties gave me

he had a part-time job packing shelves
at the local supermarket at nights . . .

one night when he came to visit after a long shift
he presented me with a little film canister ( remember them ? )
it was full of tiny dry alphabet spaghetti . . .

he had cut open a bag when slicing the box open
( i can still imagine the thousands of little letters
flying all down the isle of the deserted supermarket )
before he cleaned them up he went through them
and collected eight little letters for me . . .

when i rearranged the little pasta letters
it spelled . . . well, see above . . .

it is a really sweet and lovely memory

and goes to show
it doesn't have to be much,

really anything much at all,

to show
someone that you love them,
that you care

and you never know what you can make when a
seemingly messy situation presents itself

something simple

simply something . . .

( these candy letters are far more edible than the floor collected
broken packet of alphabet spaghetti, but not nearly
as meaningful . . .
but arranging them for this little
journal entry and telling this story hopefully has made them so )

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