Tuesday, January 25, 2011

just a few lovely snaps . . .

as last year drew to a close
a few pictures were taken
( not by me )
of my work in places . . .
above a beautiful photo taken by the talented
brisbane photographer mark lobo
at the brisbane summer finders keepers market
these ornaments have never looked nicer !

at the same market
my friend alischa took some of my poetry pots
sitting on the amazing backdrop
i was lucky enough to have on my stall . . .
an old falling down piano

i love that the text sways like the keys
as the bowls sit on them . . .
lyrical really . . .

and one of my favourite shots
from the wedding of the lovely alarna from
little jane street
her husband david ( who loves clouds )
wore instead of flowers on his lapel
one of my cloud brooches . . .
. . . and such a great snap by their amazing wedding
photographer jonas peterson. . .

just swell all these snaps . . .
i've been meaning to share them for a while

they make my hard work feel like it glows in places
and through others eyes that i can't capture
cos i'm too close to it all . . . you know ?

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