Saturday, July 25, 2009

kate's online store opens !

good morning, i'm just popping by quickly to give some
shameless promotion to one of my nearest and dearest
with the opening of her
yes, the fabulous ms knapp has her gorgeous and inspiring
prints, cards, and the like, for sale now in her
newly revamped website

it's well worth a visit and bookmarking
for present and spoiling yourself ideas

above are a couple of my favourite of her cards . . .

(the one on the right she swears she was thinking of me
when painting it . . .
lying back on my (yes i have a red) couch, surrounded by
paintings, the telephone, glasses of wine, books,
lamps and cushions every-which-way.)

have a lovely weekend,
i'll be back again soon with an exciting reveal of
a jewellery collaboration i've been working on
for a long long time with a beautiful and inspired friend of mine

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