Wednesday, July 22, 2009

so . . .

it's been a long few weeks for me
and i haven't been here (or in my studio) much,
turns out i have pneumonia
which is frustrating and painful and all that . . .
but there's a lot of people not well at the moment and my thoughts
are with them

i feel so overwhelmed with love and support
from my family and friends.
they have been supporting me with meals
and company and love.

one of my dearest friends jane turned up today with
these packages of home made soup. . . so thoughtfully packed too. . .
and she's not the only one . . . you beautiful people know who you are
thank you . . .
taking that photo and sitting at the computer now
has taken it out of me and it's back to resting

i'll be back here soon
with a winter sale in my online store and some new products
for it as well . . . all in good time.

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