Tuesday, July 28, 2009

paper boats and girls who made this....



a range of poetry jewellery
a collaboration between
kylie johnson - paper boat press
jane peacock - girls made this

this range is going to be launched at
life in style
a gift trade show in melbourne this coming weekend
so hopefully they will be for sale soon in a store near you

they will also be available in a couple of months
in both jane and my online stores . . .
(will let you know when they are in)

this collection has been a long time coming (long long time)
but we are finally ready to show you all . . .

and a big thanks to the fabulous madeleine brown
who helped us with her stamping genius in
getting our samples (some shown above) ready for the fair . . .

we hope you like the fruits of our labour . . .
it's been a labour of love !

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