Friday, April 9, 2010

bonjour !

hello from paris !
i have so many bits and pieces to share,
but today i'd like to tell you about a special project
i was asked to be apart of many months ago . . .

creating a special work for the inside out 10th anniversary issue
the brief was to create something refecting heart and home,
my piece along with works by 30 other
australian designers and artists
(artists who inside out have supported
and been associated with over the past ten years)

were revealed at their 1oth birthday bash last week . . .

how i wish i could have gone along
but had to decline as i was on my way to here . . .

all the works are now for auction HERE
and all money raised goes to
heart kids
good all round me thinks !

thanks to inside out for asking me to be apart
of this auction amongst so many artists and designers
that i am in awe of . . .
including rob ryan who has made a special design for them
it has also been put on a teatowel
especailly for their birthday issue

you get one (image above) with every issue ON SALE NOW
see you again soon

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