Monday, April 5, 2010

london (and sussex) calling

well i am here, in london town . . .
feeling very inspired after a weekend in the
country side of sussex, visiting charlston, the home of
vanessa bell (virginia woolf's sister) and duncan grant . . .
somewhere i've wanted to go for longer than i can remember.
i have had a book on charlston for years,
and have poured over it soooo many times,
loving the interiors of this home, where in every room
they surrounded themselves
with paintings and textiles and ceramics,
mostly that they have painted, made, designed,
or swaped with their artist friends . . .

living in art . . .

so to stand in the rooms
and be guided through them by a passionate and knowledgable
guide, has started this trip in such a special way . . .

we also visited the country home of virginia and leonard woolf,
and berwick church where the interiors were
painted by vanessa bell,
the perfect place for the easter weekend really
(the top image is one of the smaller paintings on a plinth in the church)

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