Sunday, April 11, 2010

paris, i love you already

it's only been two days and i'm already besotted with this city
my feet are sore from museum fatigue
and i haven't even hit the louvre yet . . .

the louvre is quite literally across the road
if you lean out my balcony you could almost touch it . . .

today amongst other things was a spot of antiquing
(including collecting some new buttons and pressings
for my work back home)

. . . and then off to one of the walks
in my friend pia's book . . . and spending a little to many euro's
such an inspiring store, from the styling, to the products
to the window display . . . simple and perfect.

i will be sure to do a full report on my other adventures
on my return . . . with a special photo slide show
that is inspired by a little note my friend sarah gave me before
my adventure . . .

so as much as i want to say hello
again and again, i will from time to time drop by,
(especially with some other work news)
but i want to be out exploring also . . .

so, au revoir (for now)

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