Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a heavy heart . . . but . . .

so, i was meant to visit my dear, wandering hearted, friend
for a couple of days . . . staying and chatting into the wee hours
on her house boat in amsterdam, and walking through
the streets, sharing her corner of the world . . .

but i am stuck in london,
with mother nature's volcanic ash keeping us apart.
but hours of chatting on the phone with her this afternoon
has made my day a beautiful one anyway !

and london still has a lot to share . . .
i still don't know what the week will reveal,
if i will get home in time to be at the australian poetry
festival this weekend . . . get back to my work,
which i miss so much, especially now with all the inspiration that
has seeped in over this trip . . .
and to make final preps for the finders keepers market.

but i know, as pia and i agreed,
we are both safe,
have the rest of our life to share memories,
and things could be a lot worse
(as pia has said in her post today, linked above)

and, as is the message on the bag
that i had my small purchases put in
(from visiting the beautiful shop that is rob ryan's)
yesterday . . .

everything is going to be alright . . .

and just lastly thanks so much for all the bids on
i am so thrilled with the donation that came about . . . just over $350 i think !

. . . footnote: flight is cancelled to australia
won't be home for at least another week now
(stressing a bit about my work,
but i have the best team so i shouldn't !!!)
i now won't be at the poetry festival presenting,
or attending, which is saddens me greatly. . .
i will stay in touch

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