Monday, April 26, 2010

while i am waylayed . . .

hello all . . .
while i am way-layed ( in a pretty amazing city )
my studio gals are working away and keeping the fort
held down well . . . creating some exciting new
non-clay items for my range . . .

and before i left, i finalised the artwork etc
for this new-limited-edition-poem-letterpress-print !

printed by the lovely team at bespoke press
i will have copies of these for the finders keepers market
the weekend of the 7th and 8th in sydney
as well as getting them onto my online store
as soon as i am home again . . .

the poem comes from my new book
and the colours have been lovingly matched to the
tones of the brown and blue text in the book . . .
they have come out so beautifully and
i am so grateful to the hard work
that alischa has put in to their making.

today i am off to see PICK ME UP
at somerset house
( and to revisit their amazing ceramics gallery )
this contemporary graphic art fair
was something sans-volcano i would have missed seeing . . .
so there's always a silver lining !!!

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