Thursday, March 6, 2008

cloud brooches

brooches heading to giddy and grace
a beautiful store in maleny in the sunshine coast hinterland.
the store's owner Sam, has a beautiful mix of products,
and it is an honour to have these in her shop.

i use clouds in my poetry a lot...
and these little, sweet puffs of clay came out of
both my use of them in my words
and the special meaning they have in my heart...

cloud brooches are also currently available at:
coming up roses, balmoral
gallery store
queensland art gallery - gallery of modern art
as well as many other stores interstate . . .

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

plastic girl vists...

my darling friend liana, alias plastic girl
came over today to work in my studio.
when discussing that we sometimes find
working in isolation difficult,
we decided to make a time (hopefully semi-regularly)
to work together....

and luckily, quite a bit of liana's work is portable
so she visited today and we both got a lot of work done...
it also helps to have a smiling
inspiring person in your midst to help brush away the blues...
thanks liana.

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