Sunday, February 3, 2013

getting back to work . . .

after a much needed break over christmas and the new year
i'm back in the studio working on (wait for it) this years christmas range 
as well as restocking our lovely retailers around the country

while, all the while trying to get on top of the remnants of the move in the second half of last year

it's a funny thing moving... leaving behind a familiar place... space... little world...
you need to get used to new flows of space, 
new noises,
new shadows...

and make way for new memories

i am slowly finding places and rhythms for the studio
although between the day of the 'actual' move and then studio working again 
was only 2 days last spring
there is still sorting to go through, 
we just had to keep working amongst the boxes to survive the christmas onslaught

last year a friend told me the swan theory...
that you seem graceful and effortless to the world 
(or as much as i can on any given day??)
but under the water you are paddling like mad !
this couldn't be truer !

and although this year i really want to find more balance and calm
i know to do this i must be more organised
find time for more fun, more travel, more quiet...

so i thought i'd pop in and say hello, as i am determined this year to do more of that

so, in between unpacking, resting, and working, and planning another trip back to japan shortly
that will hopefully bring some lovely added news for the shop

one of the confirmed stops for the trip is takayama... i remember mentioning going there in a post i did in 2008 HERE
(even then i was talking about re-organising and tidying the studio... it never really stops)
i can't wait to share with you what our journey to takayama will bring the shop, but that's a few months away yet...

in the mean time

my dear and talented friend jennifer is holding her first solo show (and our first official show too)
in our 'still pinching myself it exisits' ... gallery...
i'll be back in the next week with all the details of it !!!

but i will tell you it is called autumn and will open its first day... autumn that is...

and don't forget pia's project, we've been overwhelmed with the response to our collaboration
and i am thrilled that my contribution is helping the project so much
there's only 11 as of today left of the limited edition 40 vessels i'm making as one of the rewards in the process... get it quick it seems...

until next time
k  x

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