Thursday, December 22, 2011

merry merry merry

i hope this long overdue post finds you all well and happy
and looking forward to a lovely christmas . . .

here at paper boat HQ we are downing tools,
popping the bubbles, and looking forward to a good old break
over the silly season

it feels like, and indeed has been the way, that we've had
christmas with us all year in the studio . . .

we started making the ornaments in february
which are now sitting on trees all over the
country, and indeed the world . . .

thank you to every single one of you
who have shared 2011 with us, through reading this blog,
buying our work online, selling it in your beautiful shops,
said hello at markets we've attended,
sent emails and letters of love and support,
who have featured the work in magazines and online

i'd like to say a special thank you to
my wonderful stockists around the country
thank you so much for supporting the work we make
and making the links in the chain
of getting the work to those who chose it for their lives . . .

also a big thank you to everyone at anthropologie
who have worked so kindly and respectfully
over the last few years to see the release of my ceramic collection
in their stores earlier this year . . .
one of the highlights of the year for me personally and professionally
thank you

and last but not least to my wonderful team
everyday you come with love and enthusiasm
in whatever part of the business you work in . . .
and even when there are hard times in our personal lives
the space we create has seemed to be a place for solace too . . .
who would have thought . . .
it truly makes the whole experience of running this
little studio a whole lot more important than the
things we make . . .
but also makes the things we make all the more real
and full of love

every year at this time, there is without fail, a time of reflection
and each year there is triumphs and tragedy
laughter and tears
good and bad
wine and water
sunshine and grey skies
and this year is no exception

i wish for you all a safe and happy christmas time
and a new year filled with hope

we will be taking some time off and the studio will
be up and running again from late january
( somewhere around the 23rd )
our online shop will still be open just maybe not restocked as we'd hoped
and i will try and get through my incredible backlog of emails
( so sorry if yours is one waiting for a reply )

so thank you
thank you
and merry

love kylie

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

real living . . .

some more lovely press
this time in last months real living . . .
thanks so much to the team and stylist who put
this great spread together
it is so nice to see the work displayed this way
pages and pages of it too . . .

we are still filling and packing and sending orders
looking forward to our paper boat christmas partee
tomorrow night too . . .
not sure where the weeks go


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