Sunday, May 30, 2010

it's our birthday . . .

i can't quite believe it has been a whole year
since we opened the online shop
but it has,
and we have been overwhelmed by the response . . .
to celebrate we are having a first birthday sale

just quote BIRTHDAY in the promote section of the checkout
to get 20% off store-wide (excluding postage)

there are a couple of other specials...

orders over $100 (including postage)
get a set of four pencils of their choice
(just let us know which ones)

we are offering three limited edition prints
for the price of two,
combination can be anyway you like
(again, just let us know which extra one you'd like)

as well we have put up our personalised stars,
a bit earlier than usual,
but thought we'd let you get in early
if you would like to take advantage
of the special discount . . .
we will aim to get all stars ordered
during the sale done in the next two months . . .
with orders taken from july onwards
sent closer to christmas dates . . .
(check info on product page for details)

so, thank you so much for all your support
of our little shop

and a big thank you to my fabulous shop girl teresa
who has worked so hard all this past year
making the store run so easily
she has well and truly earned her next one
maybe two . . three . . . bottles of verve


Thursday, May 27, 2010

amsterdam : made by hand

my inspring friend pia sent a little parcel
through the post the other day . . .
her new and beauty-filled book
amsterdam: made by hand

if you thought paris: made by hand was wonderful
this will knock your socks off !

last month i was meant to visit pia,
but alas, if you sometimes read my ramblings
you will know volcanic ash got in the way . . .

now in this little book, i have,
as pia wrote in a note sent with the book
something to 'not' remember amsterdam by . . .
we laugh about it now,
and i know one day i'll get back there . . .

so now, through her eyes, not by her side as planned,
i have taken many a wander through the streets
of this town . . .
in this delightful book . . .

pia's words, and respect for the artisans
she features is something to be celebrated . . .
and even if you aren't able to travel
her book is a little bundle of inspiration
where you can travel in your heart

pia says in her introduction:
'After moving into our houseboat
I discovered serendipitously, that,
once upon a time,
it was used as a ceramics studio.
It's proof that creativity pops up
in the most unexpected places, and discovering
them unlocks this wonderous city's
best-kept secrets.'

creativity . . .

we need to
make sure we take the time
to find the corners where it sometimes hides,
even if it isn't doesn't feel like it is
there some days . . .

congrats pia,
you are a treasure
as is this new beautiful book

amsterdam: made by hand
available from now (or soon)
in bookshops all over the world
and online including HERE

Monday, May 24, 2010

in every cloud . . .

that brushes by . . .

( paris, april 2010 )

Thursday, May 20, 2010

one of my favourite days . . .

one of my favourite days from my recent trip to paris
was organised by my lovely friend pia
( whose blog is particularly inspiring at the moment ! )

pia put me in touch with two of her
paris: made by hand artisans

michele and emmanuelle

michele sauvalle a wonderous glass artist,
took my sister and i on a beautiful walk,
wandering through
the streets
of her paris suburb . . .

and taking us for lunch to the home,
studio and shop
of her friend potter emmanuelle wittmannemmanuelle's studio was so inspiring
continues to be as i pour over the photos i took . . .
there is something so raw and familiar
about emmanuelle's
her love of clay and the journey it has taken her on . . .

her work is a lot like her too, i think . . .

earthy . . . strong . . . brave . . .
intelligent . . .
her artist statement says as much
just click the grey words to read the text in english
i felt so lucky to have had this day,
shared with my sister,
organised through a dear, dear friend,
where i met new ones . . .

on the back wall of emmanuelle's studio is a quote
( and i don't need to explain how i love quotes )
in french :
que serions nous sans le secours de tout ce qui n'est ?!

which means
( between emmanuelle and my conversation,

and a bit of internet searching )

what would we be without the aid of what is not

- paul valery

emmanuelle finds the quote so true for herself
in the process
of being a potter . . .
so often it is the space,
and the unknown,

that drives the form to be . . .

pia has put some info up about workshops that
michele and emmanuelle are taking
info and links HERE

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

photos . . .

at finders keepers the weekend before last
i met so many lovely people

one of them was photographer jillian leiboff . . .
jillian first emailed some time ago after buying
some of my kitchen tags from my online store . . .

after receiving them, she shot some beautifully styled
photo's of them . . . i had meant to at the time, do a post
to say thanks to her . . . ( and to include my friend kim
who also did a photo and blog spot on her collection )
so this is a better late than never . . . thank you !!!
then last week jillian sent through some truly amazing photos
that she took of my stall, such stunning light !
as well, she has done a lovely post on other photos
she took on her visit to finders keepers HERE
this winding, busy, creative journey
i have been on for years now
has landed me so many inspiring new friends
along the way . . .
and today i am grateful to jillian, and you all . . .
there are too many to name
right here
, right now,
but hopefully you know

who you are . . .

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the many moons of paris . . .

i like to think that the moon is there
even if i am not looking at it .
- albert einstein

i was a little obsessed with photographing these
little moons on top of the posts that line
the streets through paris

i have many many more, but thought i'd share
four of my favourites today . . .
and the quote also, which i love,
as it can be metaphoric really, for anything . . .
be it a place . . .
a thing . . .
a person
. . .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

coming up for air . . .

my travels have finally slowed (for now)
and the last couple of days i have caught up on some
much needed rest !

finders keepers was fabulous
the venue
the variety of stalls
the music
the people

i didn't get many good shots of the market (or my stall)
but i am sure the finders keepers website will have some great shots of the
whole market very soon . . .

a big thanks to hayley and teresa who helped
me run my stand all weekend
and to sarah and brooke (of finders keepers) and their team
for their vision and organisation
it was such a honour and pleasure to be a part of the market

and also a big thanks to all those who came along,
purchased, said hello, chatted . . .
it was so lovely to meet you all

today was hands back in the clay
with lots of new work to be done . . . and orders to fill

soon, very soon, i'll share some snippets from my travels !
p.s. above are some of the new cloud brooch shapes i
released on the weekend (soon to be in my online store also)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

. . . jiggity jig

home again, home again . . . but not for long . . .

these past few days have been a blur
it hardly feels like 4 days ago i arrived home,
i've hit the ground running
preparing for
finders keepers in sydney

deadlines are good things (most of the time)
but this one has been particularly tight . . .

though, despite my tiredness from the (longer than expected) trip
and working through the night (sometimes jet-lag induced)
i am pretty excited about the adventure this weekend

do stop by and say hello if you are coming along . . .

and i am also looking forward to sharing the time

with some brisbane friends. . . and catching up with another
haven't seen for a while, from far away . . .
and of course meeting and seeing new and fabulous
makers, designers and artists . . .

details for directions and times etc for finders keepers can be found

and soon, when i come up for air, i have many
wonderful art, ceramics, moments, bits 'n' pieces
i can't wait to share . . .

( photo above from finders keepers website, exterior of the carriage works )

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