Tuesday, May 18, 2010

photos . . .

at finders keepers the weekend before last
i met so many lovely people

one of them was photographer jillian leiboff . . .
jillian first emailed some time ago after buying
some of my kitchen tags from my online store . . .

after receiving them, she shot some beautifully styled
photo's of them . . . i had meant to at the time, do a post
to say thanks to her . . . ( and to include my friend kim
who also did a photo and blog spot on her collection )
so this is a better late than never . . . thank you !!!
then last week jillian sent through some truly amazing photos
that she took of my stall, such stunning light !
as well, she has done a lovely post on other photos
she took on her visit to finders keepers HERE
this winding, busy, creative journey
i have been on for years now
has landed me so many inspiring new friends
along the way . . .
and today i am grateful to jillian, and you all . . .
there are too many to name
right here
, right now,
but hopefully you know

who you are . . .

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