Sunday, April 27, 2008

biddy bags for mothers day...

for the past couple of years i've been a part of
my friend sam's social enterprise biddy bags...
it has been so lovely being involved...
i am chief photographer for the website and press,
and that's my teapot illustration
and crazy curly writing for the type face (see green label above)

i am inspired by sam's enthusiasm and commitment.
this unique business links
the older generation of craft makers and young women.
giving the ladies a 'fair trade' payment for their work,
keeping their skills current and worthy.
it started with bags...
and now (and the reason for this post)
wonder washers...

it's mother's day soon (may 11th)
and still time to find that special present for our mums...

AND what better than one that is made with love...
and one that honours and respects the preservation
(and employment)
of these wonderful ladies

so there's the plug... but the website says it all

Monday, April 21, 2008

kenji's show at spiral market

as promised a few snaps of my friend kenji's show
at the spiral market in tokyo last month...
it was great to catch up with kenji and his beautiful wife sonia
and spend the afternoon with them...
at the show, wandering the streets,
and having dinner with them and some of their lovely friends.
it was truly one of the highlights of the trip...

your work is so inspiring kenji, thank you for sharing it with us all...
i feel blessed to call you and sonia friends...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

paper and flowers

some patterns of my trip to japan (more to come)

i shared this inspiring journey with my sister
and it is her birthday today...
happy birthday beautiful girl xxx

Monday, April 14, 2008


last month one of my dearest friends kate

lost the love of her life... her beloved saffy...
in this crazy, mixed up, fast paced world
there are some who enter our lives and we are
never (ever) the same
without them.

as artists we all have our muse...
for kate it was, and will always be saffy...
i would like to take this moment
to pay my love and respect to the most wonderful of dogs
who filled the world of my wonderful and inspiring friend
with such love, joy and delight for the 11 years she was here...

rest in peace saffy xxxx

i took this photo of kate and saffy in kates studio 2006

Monday, April 7, 2008

japan and cherry blossoms

i've just returned from 2 weeks holiday in japan
it was a very inspiring trip...
japan is such a beautiful and crazy place

i saw cherry blossoms in full bloom...
they truly took my breath away.

this photo was taken in hiroshima last thursday

i will post more photos soon including some of my friend
kenji's show at spiral market in tokyo...
for now, a bit of catching up on sleep, answering emails
and getting back to orders...

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