Wednesday, September 30, 2009

how lucky i am . . .

these days the studio is open for work
nearly every day of the week ( ok, every day )
as christmas ornament deadlines loom for shop orders,
market stock is made and
year round product is still in demand

and today as i looked back into
the studio from my office to see two of my three
in-studio gals working ( there's a couple more behind the scenes too )
i thought how lucky i was to not only have these
great women as workmates,
but no matter how hard and long a days work is at the moment
it is sweeter for them being here . . .
they are my friends and i am so grateful . . .

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

quick reminder

just a quick reminder that odrers for personalised stars
close on OCTOBER 15 !
( this is so they are made in time for delivery early december )

if you'd like some order them - HERE

Monday, September 28, 2009

a memento and useful thing

above is one of my favourite non-pottery
things i purchased on my recent trip

made in japan, this large oak sticky tape dispenser
is both useful and just the thing to complement my office
( and although it weighed my bag down a bit )
it has already started to have a workout as
the first of my christmas orders to my stockists go out this week . . .

Saturday, September 26, 2009

ai weiwei

while in tokyo (a week or so ago now)
i was lucky enough to have my trip coincide
with according to what? a current exhibition of Ai Wiewie's work
at the mori art museum
his work always surprises and challenges me
and as a contemporary artist he intrigues me . . .
something that i appreciate in the funny byways of contemporary art.

above are a few photos i took at the exhibition,
and although i have previously seen the vessels in another show
what Ai is trying to say with them was something i wanted to share. . .
the information card that sat with the vessels is as follows:

This series consists of Neolithic Age jars dipped in
industrial paints, as if they were glazes. The faded,
richly patterned surfaces of the jars are obscured by the bright
modern colours while the jars retain their original
form and function. With their materials and shapes
intact and only their surfaces changed, the
jars force us to consider the relationships
between the reality before our eyes and history and meaning,
as well as between objects and their essence.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

clay play . . .

i had a little visitor in my studio the other afternoon
miss a's mum dropped her over for a few
hours clay play as it is kindy holidays here . . .
and i have to say miss a handled the clay like
she had been using it for years !
and made some mighty cute little things along the way . . .

Monday, September 21, 2009

c a l l i g r a p h y

this is the first of a few posts i may do about some special moments
from my trip to japan . . .
learning calligraphy with the women's association of kyoto
was such a highlight
( and i would recommend their classes without hesitation )
this involved a home visit with an interpreter
to the home and studio of a master calligrapher . . .

i had not known previously that calligraphy is not just communication
but the act of ink to paper is also about
breathing and spirit as in other forms of meditation . . .

and that like all great arts ( and life ) our calligrapher told us
you never stop learning

not only did the class inspire me
but after when we were taken downstairs for a cup of tea,
the accompanying fruits we were offered were on little plates
that looked familiar to me. . .
i asked about and knew about the maker
( which thrilled both myself and the teacher )
as they were made by rengetsu
a poet, buddhist nun and potter from 19th century japan
i really couldn't believe it . . .
i touched and held them in my hands
, ate off them. . .
this also renewed my belief in the use of pottery,
no matter how antique, valuable or precious . . . in daily life

there was a major show of rengetsu's work at australian national gallery
last year, and the catalogue is one i pour over and over. . . and over
( feeling an, of course humbled, yet strange connection
as i am also a poet
who puts my words on my pottery )

it was like an musician meeting their idol . . .

and so appropriate was this happenstance
( and we all laughed and delighted in the fact )
that the calligraphic symbol i chose to draw
as my final piece just moments before was called

one chance, one moment

Friday, September 18, 2009

home again . . .

after an inspiring time in japan
i am home and back into the thick of work and emails etc . . .

i already miss it

from the crazy colourful streets of tokyo
to a calligraphy class in kyoto
to the slow changing colours of autumn

collecting amazing pottery that filled my carry on baggage home . . .

and even catching an afternoon in tokyo
with a dear dear friend as she holidayed with her family
( another lovely memory . . . )

all in all i was
renewed and healed and inspired

i will share more stories and images later
but in the mean time thought i'd say hello and share
a few snap shots of this beautiful trip

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

grazia . . .

a quick hello
to let you know if you want the latest gossip on angie
or to see new pictures of the sex and the city movie
grazia is the mag for you this week . . .

oh, and there's a story on me in there as well
with sneak peeks inside my studio

grazie grazia

Friday, September 4, 2009

j a p a n . . .

i'm signing just for a few days
as i head on a short holiday to japan !
( my online store will remain open while i`m away )
last time i went it was spring and cherry blossoms
this time it is autumn, and although
i'll probably miss the true colours of autumn
the amazing country it is, is sure to inspire

but one piece of news before i go . . .
the publishers and i have chosen a name for my next book
to be released march year, i hope you like it . . .

a once courageous heart

finders keepers

the applications for finders keepers close on sep 11th
and there's still time to apply . . .

for info on how to apply click HERE

i'll be having a stall so hope to see you there !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

thank you . . .

this beautiful vessel appeared in my post box today
sophie milne is a melbourne potter
who i've admired for years,
when i was a shop girl i used to do some of the buying
of ceramics for the gallery store at the
queensland art gallery and sophie's work was one that
i was always excited to order . . .
her colour choices and form remain distinctly hers
and that is what i admire in a maker . . .

her blog is a great read also !
i'm so lucky to have this in my collection,
surrounded by work by fellow potters is inspiring in ways
that books or the web just can't muster . . .

getting organised

and my studio girls are thrilled
( as am i . . . )
why did it take me so long to get this organised and up on the wall ?
probably because there is always something else that needs
to be done . . . such is life

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