Monday, November 22, 2010

annual christmas show THIS SATURDAY

paper boat press

christmas show

saturday 27 november

10am – 2pm

st francis theological college – 233 milton road, milton

(entrance via baroona road)

this year i'll be having a little sale table
with lots of end of line designs
and bits and bobs

as well as a collection of
christmas ornaments
new journals
poetry vessels
cloud brooches
and much much more

i hope you can pop in for a cup of tea

and for those who are in far away places
i will be back later in the week with
a discount code for a 3-4 day sale in my online store

. . . and while i am here
i just wanted to say a big
thank you
to all those lovely souls
who took the time to email or call
to congratulate me on the
anthropologie deal....
i feel very lucky to be so supported


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

some big news . . .

i've been keeping some exciting news quiet for
nearly 18 months now . . .
but i think the adventure can be revealed today

mid last year anthropologie
contacted me, interested in working with me
on a range of my poetry vessels
and after much conversation and working through
ideas i agreed and have been working
with them through this year . . .

you may remember this post . . .
miss jen is holding one of the sample vessels
in prototype stage . . .

it is an interesting thing, being a maker
and letting the work be reproduced . . .

there has been some thoughts of
'should i' but the thought of having my words and work
sprinkled through peoples homes,
on vessels that they use day to day
made it an easy decision in the end . . .

but most of all
at every step of the way
the commitment and respect anthropologie have shown
both myself and my work
has made working with the team such a delight

there will be three vessels in the first range
with a point of difference to my one off pieces,
a colour way especially for anthropologie,
with the text in blue . . .

also in tribute to the blue and white tradition . . .
( and lets face it, i use the word blue in a lot of my poetry too )

there is a platter, a large bowl, and a small dish

anyway, we are nearly ready for production to
begin and the range of vessels will
hopefully be available in the new year . . .
in the mean time, and as an extra and
very exciting part to this story
and why i wanted to tell you all today . . .

anthropologie have also purchased, and are now selling
in their stores and online
both my poetry books

i will be keeping you up to date
when the release of when the ceramic range is in store . . .

it is being produced in italy, and all year
the studio gals and i muse about
how nice it would be to have a site visit . . .
maybe i'll end up in new york one of these days
just to walk into one of their amazing stores and see my work
on their shelves . . .

a few dear friends have known of this news
( and a big thank you also to my dear sister
and all those who have offered great advice )

but now it is so nice to share it with you all
and i have to say
seeing the books on the anthro sight today
really made my day

Monday, November 15, 2010

found . . .

sometimes you need a distraction . . .
especially when you are shoulder deep in work
( work that i love mind you )
but a distraction is a good thing . . .

when traveling to london early this year
i bought a little bag of hard candy
( really only because it was made of letters )

when sharing some with a friend the other day
i told the her the story about something an
old boyfriend of mine from my early twenties gave me

he had a part-time job packing shelves
at the local supermarket at nights . . .

one night when he came to visit after a long shift
he presented me with a little film canister ( remember them ? )
it was full of tiny dry alphabet spaghetti . . .

he had cut open a bag when slicing the box open
( i can still imagine the thousands of little letters
flying all down the isle of the deserted supermarket )
before he cleaned them up he went through them
and collected eight little letters for me . . .

when i rearranged the little pasta letters
it spelled . . . well, see above . . .

it is a really sweet and lovely memory

and goes to show
it doesn't have to be much,

really anything much at all,

to show
someone that you love them,
that you care

and you never know what you can make when a
seemingly messy situation presents itself

something simple

simply something . . .

( these candy letters are far more edible than the floor collected
broken packet of alphabet spaghetti, but not nearly
as meaningful . . .
but arranging them for this little
journal entry and telling this story hopefully has made them so )

Sunday, November 14, 2010

some snap shots . . .

here are some snap shots of my stall
last weekend at finders keepers. . .
( including amazing backdrop of
an old falling apart piano )

it was such a lovely weekend
full of beautiful smiling faces stopping by to say hello

my new journals were a hit

as were our new biscuit press's . . .
a request many years ago from my mum,
and more recently from a local and much loved
store - pamela's pantry, in paddington . . .

i am still coming up for air from
the GoMA twilight markets on friday night
which were also amazing !
i will share more photos ( of that market ) soon

in the mean time
a big big BIG thank you to the amazing sarah, brooke and alischa
from finders keepers
for running such a seamless and classy show

. . . and to my fabulous shop girls
teresa and sarah
( sarah, who also took these photos for me )
couldn't have done it without you !

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GoMA twilight markets . . .

last weekend was the always fabulous finders keepers market !
( will share photos soon )

and this friday night i am having a stall at the
gallery store
twilight christmas design market

it is always fun and always full of lovely stall holders
we have a few new faces this year
as well as some wonderful supportive regualrs

all together there is 21 designers selling their wares . . .

the market starts at 4pm and finishes at 8pm
it is held just outside the gallery store
at the gallery of modern art
in the forcourt, stanley street
south brisbane

there's a cash bar
and lots of christmas shopping on offer


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

we are . . .

we are busy preparing for this weekends finders keepers

and sending out our big boxes of christmas decorations
to our wonderful stores . . . .

there just doesn't seem to be enough hours
in the day at the moment

i spotted this ceramic beauty the other day
( from one of my favourite places in paris )
inspiring decoration on porcelain . . .
( couldn't link to direct post so scroll down through the last couple )

i can't wait to have some head space
to do some new work . . .
this time of year, it is production work at the forefront,
and only a moment here and there for new work . . .

for play

for experimenting

for letting the drawings in my journals

reach into the clay

those days will come . . .

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