Sunday, August 31, 2008

work to be done

how i wish there was more time in my days to put my feet up...
christmas orders start to be delivered in the next month or so,
soon i will have a link that lists all the shops
(and the online shops too)
that will stock my christmas ornaments.
as well as those stores that stock quote tags & poetry pots.
for those of you who have emailed about where to buy...
sorry for the delay.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my cup runeth over...

today i visited my precious friends lincoln and leonard
i always leave their company enriched and inspired...

life is busy, too busy i feel at this moment in time...
and a long overdue cup of tea and conversation was just what i needed.

i am often writing here about the people, places, and moments
that inspire me as an artist and poet...
and today
i came away with more
than a bunch of lavender from their garden

and other profound gifts that seem too generous to mention here...
i left with the knowledge that my life
is more beautiful for knowing them...

and that sharing a morning with friends is a gift
that time can not take from me

my cup runeth over...

above: close-up of a wire sculpture of lincoln's

Monday, August 25, 2008

magnolia girl

my friend shannon has spent a year documenting
a magnolia garden...
a beautiful process, and now even more so in its result...
shannon's exhibition opens this saturday in maleny

Thursday, August 21, 2008

written in clay....

my heart......

Monday, August 11, 2008

long overdue photos...

as is the case in life: days, weeks, and months pass all too quickly !
i have been meaning to post these images for the longest time,
so for those that have been waiting my apologies...
it has now been six months
since the launch of count me the stars

finally, i am sharing some photos of that very special night !
taken by my old school friend matthew,
the images remind me how lucky i am :
not only have a collection of my work published,
but also to have the love and support of the many people
who came along that night... (as well as those who did so from afar)

1 in the forecourt (under the stars) at the GoMA Brisbane
2 my hand signing a book
3 my dear friend lincoln, who graced the night
with the most beautiful of speeches... again, thankyou x

Thursday, August 7, 2008

aqua vitae

this week sees the opening of the group show AQUA VITAE
that i am a part of with my friends of the umbrella collective

showing at kick arts in cairns,
we all created work in response to water...
i use clouds often in both my poetry and ceramics,
so for this show i expanded on ideas that i had already started -
and made a suite of cloud wall sculptures...

in the creation of this work it was the shadows and shapes in between
i found most surprising and ultimately rewarding...
(kind of like life really)

the show runs until august 30

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a blossom in melbourne...

my dear friend erin had a stall this past weekend
at the life in style trade-fair...
i went down for the weekend with friends
kia and sarah as a bit of a cheer squad for erin,
do a bit of ordering for paper boat press,
and to have a couple of days away in wonderful melbourne too

for erin's full report on her adventures,
and all the other great brisbane gals that
i caught up with too
(including the lovely jane, kylie, and tiel)
erin's post says it all...

it all looked so great erin, you are an inspiration!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

a handful of stars...

so as to use every bit of rolled clay i can,
the other day these little stars appeared from the spaces in between...

as my studio helper ms jenny was moving them onto a board
her hands were covered in stars...
i treasure these moments of happenstance in a busy days work

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