Friday, October 25, 2013

it's our shop's first birthday !

hello hello !

we can't quite believe it but our little shop and gallery is one year old this weekend !
where oh where did the year go....

to celebrate we are having cake and bubbles in store this saturday the 26th
from 10am - 2pm

and to thank and celebrate with our lovely customers we are also giving 20% off in store that day...

AND so our loyal online customers don't miss out, we are giving 20% off in our online store from now until 2pm saturday (excluding postage)

just quote the word BIRTHDAY in the shopping cart section and press update to get the discount...

thanks so much for all your love and support of this new chapter
in the paper boat press story

love kylie x

p.s. don't forget personalised stars close on oct 31... we may extend it a week or so, but order now for early december delivery...

Friday, September 13, 2013

i'm still around... just somewhere else as well...

hello there...

so... it is no surprise to many that instagram is a big part of the social media world now... and i am yet to really embrace twitter (never say never i suppose)...
and facebook is still a possibility (but when i don't know) and in some ways, much as many who say "you've just GOT TO have facebook if you are running a business", i'm just bucking the trend and pressure for now... watch this space... as things can always change... that is what we have to remember... 
things can change...

i will be back here from time to time i PROMISE !!!
but thought i'd give you the clear link to my instagram account so you can view online 
if you aren't in the phone world of instagram

i spend a lot of time there...
as the days and weeks of my work life have gotten busier (than i ever knew possible) with the shop, gallery, wholesale, and online, as well as new projects and adventures around every turn...

i find the small, creative, connected instagram world allows me to send little moments and stories and corners of my world quickly and beautifully...
and quietly in a way...

if you would like to keep up with a more regular collection of my adventures, work, and moments both big and small... i share some of them anyway... over on instagram...

love kylie

Monday, July 22, 2013

this weekend we open our first group show in the gallery...
it is one i've had my heart set on since i opened the doors (even before i had a gallery space really)

based around my poem
'in my hand i had a kingdom, in my hand i had yours'
i have asked 14 artists to create work that is able to fit in a hand...

featuring work by all the artists listed above
it is overwhelming the work that is arriving here, it is all so beautiful and thoughtful

work from local and interstate artists will sit along work from japan also...

earlier this year i met momoko and tetsuya otani when visiting japan,

momoko and tetsuya are having a show here in the gallery of their work next year
this current show is a nice way to see their work first hand and get a taste for the larger show in 2014...

in the mean time i hope you can make it along to see some
work of the artists shown...

the show will be open until saturday august 10th
opening hours
wednesday - friday 10-4
and saturdays 10-2

love kylie


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

GoMA mid year market TOMORROW...

tomorrow i'm heading to the forecourt of GoMA with 25 other stall holders for the

usually we only hold these markets at christmas but it is a pretty special time at the gallery at the moment with QUILTS 1700-1945 on at QAG

so to celebrate the gallery store is holding a mid year market...
it is on from 9am - 4pm
and as usual it promises to be a lovely day out

please come say hi if you are planning a visit


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sydney FINDERS KEEPERS this weekend HOORAY !!!!

hello friends

just a quick hello to let you know we will be at the

sydney finders keepers market this weekend... friday night and saturday
at the ALL NEW VENUE : Australian Technology Park

we've packed our bags with lots of new work including bunting, kitchen tags, little tags, some new jewellery designs, magnets, and much much more

if you are in sydney and can make it along we hope to see you there !

click the link HERE for details...

Friday, May 10, 2013

under the winter sky OPENING TONIGHT...

it is with astounding joy that we are showing
the first exhibition of my friend erins 
whimsical porcelain work

the gallery space is filled with beautiful work that can't help but captivate you

the show will be open from this evening 6-8pm
and then continue for the next two weeks closing on saturday may 25

erin will be in the gallery both this saturday the 11th and next the 18th
opening hours and shop address on our website home page HERE

Sunday, April 28, 2013


i'll be back later in the week for info about our next show opening on friday may 10th...

under the winter sky
by erinswindow

but in the meantime below is a link to our online shop where all the details of a special two day workshop erin is running (in my studio behind the gallery) over two saturday's during the show...

tickets go on sale tomorrow morning 9am AEST

only 10 spots available...

info and bookings HERE


Saturday, March 23, 2013

these days . . . .

hello friends

can you believe it is march already (and nearly the end in fact) ????
the seasons are changing and the days are getting cooler (almost)
there's so much going on at pbp HQ i don't know where to start...

this week we have finished our lovely collaboration with my dear friend pia
for the release of her new book (released this coming month)
we are thrilled to be selling her book in store shortly
thank you to all of those who pledged to bring her book to light...
above is a sneak peek of how the bowls look (all 40 were sold in the pledge process!)

we have a few other collaborations and commissions on the go too...
one with the sydney writers festival (which is mighty exciting and an honour to boot!)

and we are creating a special new range for the exhibition shop for the queensland art gallery exhibition Quilts 1700-1945 which is coming from the V&A in june...
we will be sure to share with you all our adventures on these commissions in the coming months !

we have just wrapped up the first show in our gallery.

it was such a joy to showcase the work of jennifer orland, to celebrate with her, and to share her work with our lovely customers !

below are some photos from the show... we still have a small collection of jenny's work for sale in the shop if you missed out...

we also have some lovely new work coming through soon, including cake decorating plaques
and cork board pins, and as soon as i can i'll give you a sneak peek of this years christmas range...

i am heading to japan next week for a much needed holiday (and a business trip too) with my sister.
we are going to meet a wonderful potter who is having a show of her and her husbands work in the gallery (which i am most excited about)...

AND we are also meeting with a company who makes timber stationery items including sticky tape dispensers (they have their own renewable forest in the mountains of japan) so there'll be lots of new and exciting things to share on my return...

in the meantime the studio will tick on as usual with my fabulous band of beautiful girls !
and teresa and sarah will be holding down the shop fort... they really are the best shop girls EVER !
please note we will be CLOSED OVER THE EASTER WEEKEND

have a great easter and i'll be back soon with stories to tell and news to share...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

jennifer orland AUTUMN in the gallery now...

it is with great joy that we have launched the first show in our gallery...
a beautiful collection of ceramics (vessels and jewellery)
by brisbane potter jennifer orland...

the show will be up until saturday afternoon march 16th
and gallery hours are as normal...

jenny will be in store both this and next saturday if you'd like to come say hello

for more info about the beautiful work of miss jennifer please click HERE

Sunday, February 3, 2013

getting back to work . . .

after a much needed break over christmas and the new year
i'm back in the studio working on (wait for it) this years christmas range 
as well as restocking our lovely retailers around the country

while, all the while trying to get on top of the remnants of the move in the second half of last year

it's a funny thing moving... leaving behind a familiar place... space... little world...
you need to get used to new flows of space, 
new noises,
new shadows...

and make way for new memories

i am slowly finding places and rhythms for the studio
although between the day of the 'actual' move and then studio working again 
was only 2 days last spring
there is still sorting to go through, 
we just had to keep working amongst the boxes to survive the christmas onslaught

last year a friend told me the swan theory...
that you seem graceful and effortless to the world 
(or as much as i can on any given day??)
but under the water you are paddling like mad !
this couldn't be truer !

and although this year i really want to find more balance and calm
i know to do this i must be more organised
find time for more fun, more travel, more quiet...

so i thought i'd pop in and say hello, as i am determined this year to do more of that

so, in between unpacking, resting, and working, and planning another trip back to japan shortly
that will hopefully bring some lovely added news for the shop

one of the confirmed stops for the trip is takayama... i remember mentioning going there in a post i did in 2008 HERE
(even then i was talking about re-organising and tidying the studio... it never really stops)
i can't wait to share with you what our journey to takayama will bring the shop, but that's a few months away yet...

in the mean time

my dear and talented friend jennifer is holding her first solo show (and our first official show too)
in our 'still pinching myself it exisits' ... gallery...
i'll be back in the next week with all the details of it !!!

but i will tell you it is called autumn and will open its first day... autumn that is...

and don't forget pia's project, we've been overwhelmed with the response to our collaboration
and i am thrilled that my contribution is helping the project so much
there's only 11 as of today left of the limited edition 40 vessels i'm making as one of the rewards in the process... get it quick it seems...

until next time
k  x

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

little treasures : made by hand

hello friends,

can you quite believe it is nearly the end of january already???

i can't, and have been meaning to stop by for a while and write, reflect, ramble...

but today... here, now,  i am writing for a very special reason...
my dear friend pia has been working mighty hard for many months now compiling a very special book she is self publishing !

little treasures : made by hand

i have been privy through conversations and the like, to much of this lovely adventure as it has unfolded, and am now also involved in the boosting of it to come to life...

pia has teamed up with pozible to raise funds for this self publishing adventure
and the best way for you to read all about it and if you choose... help... is to go online and have a look, i will put the link below (make sure you watch the lovely little short viemo at the top of the page too !)

in her fundraising efforts as one of the 'rewards' you can choose to support the project
is one that we have collaborated on together...

as many of you will know my poetry pots are usually reserved for my words alone, but if ever there is some one i am happy to collaborate with it is my dear kindred friend pia...
our collaboration is $85 and includes a copy of her wonderful new book, and a small bowl made by me and with words by pia...

and soon, very soon, i will let you know all about a little adventure she will take here, to my little shop in autumn...

finally, below is the link, with all the info and lovely story of the book...
support starts at $10
here's to beautiful people like pia continuing to make and celebrate the handmade i say !

see you soon
love kylie x

pia's pozible page HERE

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