Sunday, November 29, 2009

s t a r s . . . .

above are piles and piles of personalised stars
ready for the kiln . . .

load after load of
these stars are coming through

after putting them in alphabetical order,
stinging them and packing them
they are, starting this week,
being shipped to their new homes . . .

Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanks x 10

all the mags above ( and yesterdays courier-mail )
has featured some of my work in the last month or two,
be it christmas ornaments
or cloud brooches,
so this is a big multiple thank you !!!!

the print press is so generous to me in promoting
and/or using my work in style shoots

i was asked to send some of my vintage button stars
down to sydney for a photo shoot with julia gillard
some months back now . . .

all i was told in the brief was
they were taking a photo
of her,
there was a hot pink background,
and my stars were to be featured...

i have to say i'm pretty happy with how the shot turned out
( thanks australian womens weekly )

new things instore

it is a bit crazy here at the moment
two markets down two to go...
thank you to all those wonderful new and old customers
that came along on sunday
it was a wonderful day !

thanks also to alllll my fabulous shop girls for the day
and to lisa, the tea and coffee gal, and to the other dear friends
who baked and contributed to the refreshment table . . .

from all your coin donations
we raised $200 for an orphanage in thailand that lisa visits
thank you so so much

i've just put some of my 2010 calendars

and 5 pack of stars in the online shop
( images above )

and will be back soon with other news . . .

Saturday, November 21, 2009

s o m e d a y s . . .

...i rise and fall, and time folds
into a long moment;

- roethke

( photo from a drive down the lockington road,
western queensland, earlier this year )

Friday, November 20, 2009

w i n d o w s . . .

above is a snap shot of the window at the biome store
in paddington, brisbane .. .
there is a similar one also in their city store

to promote my locally made goods this year
they used some photos of my studio (including my hands)
and filled their christmas window displays
with some big stars and spotty stars
as well as other makers goods that have been made
ethically, locally or using recycled materials

it is such a privilege and joy to form great
relationships with my retailers, of which i have many . . .
and tracey and the team at biome are certainly
some of the most treasured

they also have a blog HERE

Sunday, November 15, 2009

m o m e n t s

these days are a bit of a daze at the moment

i have just returned from
the spring poetry festival in canberra
which was both a joy and a privilege to attend
i met so many inspiring and wonderful people
both on the panels i was on, and the audience
who came along . . .

and certain conversations reminded me
that following this passion and lifelong pursuit is worth it. . .

even if, sometimes, the solitary pages and (often)

melancholy wanderings of my work
leave me scared or perplexed. .. .

to inspire even one person is worth it
and i think whether we grow beetroot or sugarcane,
wash windows or nurse people who need care,
mother, paint pictures, or sell groceries
we all have a story

and we are all poets in our own way
"does a poem have to even have words?"
a new friend asked . . .

and as i took this photo of the curtains

in my lounge room this afternoon
i thought of this and agreed,

no it doesn't . . ...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

christmas SHOW

paper boat press
annual christmas show

sunday november 22

st francis theological college

233 milton road milton
(entrance via baroona road)

10am - 2 pm

for sale will be :

quote tags
new tags and magnets
pencils and prints
brooches and pendants
5 pack little stars for your christmas baking and gifts
2010 calendar ( yes it's done, after many requests ! )
vessels (including some new designs )
as well as lots of other bits and pieces . . .

feel free to pop in for a cup of tea
and a spot of christmas shopping

Saturday, November 7, 2009

spring poetry festival

next weekend
the 13th and 14th
i will be in canberra as a guest at
the spring poetry festival
if you live down that way and this is of interest
do pop in and say hi
a program can be downloaded HERE

Friday, November 6, 2009

remembering to breathe

i'm finally coming up for air to say hello again . . .
the past weekend at finders keepers
was amazing and exhausting and amazing

it was so lovely to meet so many people who
knew my work, or discovered it for the first time . . .
talk to people about how wonderful the markets were,
and how lively the brisbane design scene is . . .
it was a great way to get a few more things for my christmas
shopping list crossed off, as well as meet other brisbane designers
where introductions had only previously been made
through email or through admiration of their work

a big thank you to the fabulous brooke, sarah, and alischa who
made the weekend such a marvel . . .
and to my darling sister, dear friend sarah, and miss jen who
played fabulous shop girls with me

i haven't stopped for long this week to recover
as the last of my wholesale orders go out,
many a phone call and email between myself and
the publishers as the final tweeks
of a once courageous heart gets done . . .
and somewhere amongst all of that

remembering to breathe . . .

someone very close to my heart used to tell me to do
that . . . i still hear his words ringing in my ear
when it all gets too much . . .

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