Friday, October 29, 2010

ceramic crush . . .

every now and then you come across work
that takes your breath away

that shows a unique vision,
a story,
a style that stands out amongst the masses . . .

a few weeks ago i visited
the finders keepers market in melbourne
for a day away, some time with dear friends,
and generally to support the markets and have
a day of christmas shopping
( buy handmade !!! ) . . .

when planning our trip we knew there was one
stall that we didn't want to miss
and we were quite overwhelmed with
the beauty of the work, it is every bit as beautiful in

real life as it is in photos !

( and of course couldn't walk away
without buying some treasures )

the stall : golden ink
a collaborative between
abby seymour and katherine wheeler

abby, a printmaker and katherine a jeweller
together they create the most lovely work

i won't ramble on
because there's a great interview
( that lets you know a bit more about them )

just thought i'd share
this inspiring, beautiful, and thoughtful work

[ all photos golden ink ]

Thursday, October 28, 2010

finders keepers brisbane

we will be having a stall at finders keepers
saturday and sunday
november 6th and 7th

looks like it will be a great market
with friends from all over oz having stalls . . .
and a great line up of local talent too

hope you can pop by and say hello

we'll have lots of new work for sale
including this years christmas ornament range,
new journals, and a few other surprises
( as well as old fav's ... of course )

info on the market, the how to get there
and when ( and great music line up )

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the days not bluring into one . . .

as mentioned in a previous post . . .
these are the jacaranda's
reminding me of the seasons,
and showering our studio view with purple . . .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

beautiful sad days . . .

i have been out west

to say goodbye to my beloved oma (grandmother) . . .

to lay her to rest in the place where she was from,
where her wisdom and her stories came from . . .

we gathered, and cried, and celebrated her life . . .
there was sadness, but also beauty . . .

a friend wrote to me this week and said
" we learn so much from that generation,
they experienced so much hardship and sadness in their lifetime . . .

and mostly survived through
their sense of humour
and stoicism,
and an ability to get through . . . "

no truer words could be spoken of my oma . . .

with her humour being paramount

these words from my friend reminded me of the post i did

my recent trip out to the willows,
where she lived these past years

will be held dearer than it was yesterday . . .

she was in fine form when i saw her then,
drinking her lambrusco (cherry cheer as she called it)
. . .
telling her wild stories . . .
smiling and winking . . .

this is how i will remember her,
true til the end . . .

oma was my friend, my hero, and my confidant . . .
she always encouraged me to love with all my heart

i will always miss her

( the church my grandfather, opa, built )

( wildflowers we picked for her coffin )

Thursday, October 14, 2010

busy bees are we . . .

punching out hearts

breaking for lunch . . .

stacking stars and birds in the afternoon light

making new earrings. . .

life in this online journal has been a little slow of late
a lot of family sadness going on
a lot of work getting done
a lot of not sleeping
a lot of packing and sending orders

my studio gals are keeping me calm,
they really are wonderful

the jacarandas in bloom peeking in from
the big open window of my studio
remind me of the seasons . . .

trust nature to hold the key to tell me
that the days are separate,
and not blended into one . . .

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

personalised stars . . .

it's that time already . . .
where do the weeks . . . months . . . go ?
cut off for making personalised stars is nearly here . . .

a cut off date is needed
so i can make sure they are made and sent in time

to hang on your tree

closing date for twenty ten is

find all the info and how to purchase . . .


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