Thursday, September 13, 2012

august gone... hello spring !!

so yes... this blog is in need of some attention !
and i have no excuse... just reasons why i have been absent...

the main reason is the news that follows...

a number of months back one of my wonderful studio girls lisa
came to work one day and said 
'did you know that that shop in ashgrove is up for sale'
... needless to say that tuesday was a changing day...

so as the months passed we found ourselves packing 
and planning, painting and preparing for a move
so it is with great joy that i announce here
that paper boat press will have its very own shop and gallery

all details, address and shop hours will be revealed closer to the time...
and i feel so blessed to be supported by so many people
(they know who they are) who have made this a reality

and although the move is still a few weeks away
and the shop opening is planned for the last week of october
we have so much to do in between...
wholesale orders, markets, the list goes on...
and on....

we do have some exciting new products to share 
our 2013 calendar is instore NOW

 as is our new range of stationery

also... all our new christmas goodies, including this years bird (below)

it is so lovely to finally reveal all the news and reasons for my absence
as well as the new work we have been working on this year !

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