Monday, April 26, 2010

while i am waylayed . . .

hello all . . .
while i am way-layed ( in a pretty amazing city )
my studio gals are working away and keeping the fort
held down well . . . creating some exciting new
non-clay items for my range . . .

and before i left, i finalised the artwork etc
for this new-limited-edition-poem-letterpress-print !

printed by the lovely team at bespoke press
i will have copies of these for the finders keepers market
the weekend of the 7th and 8th in sydney
as well as getting them onto my online store
as soon as i am home again . . .

the poem comes from my new book
and the colours have been lovingly matched to the
tones of the brown and blue text in the book . . .
they have come out so beautifully and
i am so grateful to the hard work
that alischa has put in to their making.

today i am off to see PICK ME UP
at somerset house
( and to revisit their amazing ceramics gallery )
this contemporary graphic art fair
was something sans-volcano i would have missed seeing . . .
so there's always a silver lining !!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a heavy heart . . . but . . .

so, i was meant to visit my dear, wandering hearted, friend
for a couple of days . . . staying and chatting into the wee hours
on her house boat in amsterdam, and walking through
the streets, sharing her corner of the world . . .

but i am stuck in london,
with mother nature's volcanic ash keeping us apart.
but hours of chatting on the phone with her this afternoon
has made my day a beautiful one anyway !

and london still has a lot to share . . .
i still don't know what the week will reveal,
if i will get home in time to be at the australian poetry
festival this weekend . . . get back to my work,
which i miss so much, especially now with all the inspiration that
has seeped in over this trip . . .
and to make final preps for the finders keepers market.

but i know, as pia and i agreed,
we are both safe,
have the rest of our life to share memories,
and things could be a lot worse
(as pia has said in her post today, linked above)

and, as is the message on the bag
that i had my small purchases put in
(from visiting the beautiful shop that is rob ryan's)
yesterday . . .

everything is going to be alright . . .

and just lastly thanks so much for all the bids on
i am so thrilled with the donation that came about . . . just over $350 i think !

. . . footnote: flight is cancelled to australia
won't be home for at least another week now
(stressing a bit about my work,
but i have the best team so i shouldn't !!!)
i now won't be at the poetry festival presenting,
or attending, which is saddens me greatly. . .
i will stay in touch

Monday, April 12, 2010

finders keepers - sydney

a quick message to let you know i will be having a
on may 7th and 8th.

i am so looking forward it, and made sure
before i left for this trip i made lots of new bits and pieces,
including new earring designs, and a few other surprises . . .
at the sydney markets i am also releasing my new cloud bowls,
and small cloud dish designs also . . .

(i'll share some photos of the new small dishes on my return)
applications are also now open for the brisbane event
which is being held at the end of june

Sunday, April 11, 2010

paris, i love you already

it's only been two days and i'm already besotted with this city
my feet are sore from museum fatigue
and i haven't even hit the louvre yet . . .

the louvre is quite literally across the road
if you lean out my balcony you could almost touch it . . .

today amongst other things was a spot of antiquing
(including collecting some new buttons and pressings
for my work back home)

. . . and then off to one of the walks
in my friend pia's book . . . and spending a little to many euro's
such an inspiring store, from the styling, to the products
to the window display . . . simple and perfect.

i will be sure to do a full report on my other adventures
on my return . . . with a special photo slide show
that is inspired by a little note my friend sarah gave me before
my adventure . . .

so as much as i want to say hello
again and again, i will from time to time drop by,
(especially with some other work news)
but i want to be out exploring also . . .

so, au revoir (for now)

Friday, April 9, 2010

bonjour !

hello from paris !
i have so many bits and pieces to share,
but today i'd like to tell you about a special project
i was asked to be apart of many months ago . . .

creating a special work for the inside out 10th anniversary issue
the brief was to create something refecting heart and home,
my piece along with works by 30 other
australian designers and artists
(artists who inside out have supported
and been associated with over the past ten years)

were revealed at their 1oth birthday bash last week . . .

how i wish i could have gone along
but had to decline as i was on my way to here . . .

all the works are now for auction HERE
and all money raised goes to
heart kids
good all round me thinks !

thanks to inside out for asking me to be apart
of this auction amongst so many artists and designers
that i am in awe of . . .
including rob ryan who has made a special design for them
it has also been put on a teatowel
especailly for their birthday issue

you get one (image above) with every issue ON SALE NOW
see you again soon

Monday, April 5, 2010

london (and sussex) calling

well i am here, in london town . . .
feeling very inspired after a weekend in the
country side of sussex, visiting charlston, the home of
vanessa bell (virginia woolf's sister) and duncan grant . . .
somewhere i've wanted to go for longer than i can remember.
i have had a book on charlston for years,
and have poured over it soooo many times,
loving the interiors of this home, where in every room
they surrounded themselves
with paintings and textiles and ceramics,
mostly that they have painted, made, designed,
or swaped with their artist friends . . .

living in art . . .

so to stand in the rooms
and be guided through them by a passionate and knowledgable
guide, has started this trip in such a special way . . .

we also visited the country home of virginia and leonard woolf,
and berwick church where the interiors were
painted by vanessa bell,
the perfect place for the easter weekend really
(the top image is one of the smaller paintings on a plinth in the church)

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