Wednesday, December 19, 2012

merry merry . . .. . . ..

hello all
just a quick hello to wish you all a wonderful christmas
and beautiful twenty thirteen

we are closing our little shop at close of trade saturday
and will re-open on wednesday january 16th

with trading hours back to normal in the new year
wednesday-fridays 10-4 
and saturdays 10-2

thank you all for your amazing support and well wishes 
through this new adventure in our life

we feel overwhelmed by the love and support shown to us all
in the last few months, and indeed years

we have a great line up of exhibitions next year 
as well as lots of new paper boat work to share
and i promise more time dedicated to writing this little journal
which has been sadly overlooked as we've moved
home, studio and opened the shop . . .

merry merry to you all
and the whole pbp team

p.s. photo above taken on opening weekend by the amazing ash oostdyck

Friday, November 23, 2012

GoMA christmas market TOMORROW

another week another market
and this is the last one for the year !
and one of my most favourite

it is small and fabulous 
and in the forecourt of the wonderful GoMA
open from 9-4 
it has the Gallery Store regular market holders
barbara heath, liana kabel, pip kean 
and monte lupo

as well as a lovely collection of local potters 
jewellers, and pedlars of beautiful hand made things
hope to see you there

my shop in ashgrove will also be open,
as it is on saturdays...
and we have decided to open the doors
until 4 every saturday until christmas 
(not 2 as previously mentioned)

in the new year we will go back to a 2pm close...

i'll be back next week with news of a little sale for all those who 
missed visiting at at markets through this festive time

Friday, November 2, 2012

we're open . . .

well, we opened the doors last weekend to our magical new bricks and mortar store
and couldn't be happier with how it looks, how it feels, 
and the response we've already had

it's been a long and sometimes hard few months putting it all together
moving studio as well and keeping all the balls in the air for wholesale orders
and markets... but we did it !!!

 there are so so many people to thank who helped this come to life
most importantly my sister and mum and dad
who have been unwavering with their help, guidance, and general amazingness

my studio girls all of them, who are my friends and helpers beyond measure

to the carpenters, painter, light shop owners, electricians, sign writers
graphic designers, printers ... the list goes on and on...

and a special big thank you to the amazing ashley oostdyck 
who took photos over the weekend celebrations and captured 
this special milestone so elegantly and beautifully
 (there's a few more snaps on her blog too, if you'd like to see more)

we are open wednesday - fridays 10 am - 4 pm
and saturdays 10 am - 2 pm

come say hi if you are ever in the area
60 ashgrove crescent, ashgrove, brisbane
phone ( 07 ) 3366 9956

THIS WEEKEND we are also at the finders keepers markets in BRISBANE
all details HERE
it's always a fabulous market come say hi there too if you can

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

opening weekend !

well it is finally here...
the opening weekend of our new gallery and shop

we can't quite believe it 
but have been working like mad things to get ready
and we are nearly there...

this weekend we are open
from 10am - 2pm both saturday and sunday

our address is 
60 ashgrove crescent 
brisbane queensland

we would love it if you would like to pop by this weekend or 
any other time we are open 
opening hours will be
10am - 4pm wednesday - friday
and saturdays 10am - 2pm

this year the shop opening will be in place of our annual christmas show
so we are offering 10% in store all weekend...

below is a happy snap taken of the building before we've painted and replaced the awning
put up signage etc etc...
it is a beautiful odd shaped little store built in 1926
we are so very proud to call it our new home

i'll be sure to share some lovely new shots of the place once the weekend festivities are over

also, above is our new branding
with a big thanks to justine moore graphic designer
who was ever so patient with me as she helped me, guided me,
and wove her magic to make my design ideas work 
and transform in to this new logo !
we hope you like it...


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MELBOURNE finders keepers this weekend

we are heading to melbourne town this weekend 
for our first melbourne market...

and it is a finders keepers one to boot !

please pop along if you can 
it is on friday night and all day saturday 
at the royal exhibition building

we'll be bringing our new washi tape (YAY) 
christmas ornaments
new stationery
new jewellery
and some poetry pots as well

(plus much much more... our suitcases are overflowing !)

hope to see you there
full details HERE

p.s. i'll be back on monday for all the info about our shop opening 
which is next weekend... the 27th and 28th ...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

august gone... hello spring !!

so yes... this blog is in need of some attention !
and i have no excuse... just reasons why i have been absent...

the main reason is the news that follows...

a number of months back one of my wonderful studio girls lisa
came to work one day and said 
'did you know that that shop in ashgrove is up for sale'
... needless to say that tuesday was a changing day...

so as the months passed we found ourselves packing 
and planning, painting and preparing for a move
so it is with great joy that i announce here
that paper boat press will have its very own shop and gallery

all details, address and shop hours will be revealed closer to the time...
and i feel so blessed to be supported by so many people
(they know who they are) who have made this a reality

and although the move is still a few weeks away
and the shop opening is planned for the last week of october
we have so much to do in between...
wholesale orders, markets, the list goes on...
and on....

we do have some exciting new products to share 
our 2013 calendar is instore NOW

 as is our new range of stationery

also... all our new christmas goodies, including this years bird (below)

it is so lovely to finally reveal all the news and reasons for my absence
as well as the new work we have been working on this year !

Thursday, July 19, 2012

these days . . . . . . . .

these days have been so full, and overwhelming....
full of so many different emotions i don't know where to start
it has been a funny few weeks here...

working like there is not enough hours in the day
planning christmas, packing orders, making new work, old work,
writing a little... then having total writers block...

saying goodbye to much loved family member who has left us too soon

(with disco ball, cocktails, and some of the amazing people in my life) 
my fortieth

planning a big move to a new place (news which i will share with you very soon) 

life seems to be full and shifting and sad and beautiful . . .

i am not sure how i feel at the moment about so many things
 i know no matter how strong sometimes we might appear to be
the broken bits still find a way of pushing through...

i know i am finding solace in my work, and comfort with friends,
and knowing, as the picture taken today (above) shows,

hearts being scattered is sometimes how life just has to be . . .

(above is studio gal miss jen working under the peonies)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


it's that time again
the fabulous finders keepers are heading to brisbane
and i'm thrilled to be able to have a stall

i love this market - 
the stallholders, the visitors, the music, the venue !

we've got some new things to share, including our 'you and me' little pair of vessels
as well as some other new treasures...

also, as we prepare for some new and exciting adventures here
at paper boat press hq... we thought we'd share
some other work, including some that will have some SUPER special
market prices... you'll just have to pop over to see what i mean...

hope to see you there
this saturday and sunday 10am - 4pm both days 
at the old museum in bowen hills, brisbane
full details HERE

Saturday, June 23, 2012

always be on the lookout 
for the presence of wonder

- e.b. white

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

corners of my world of late....

just some corners from here and there . . . in my field of vision of late
images from my instagram feed 
(i'm paperboatpress if you have joined the craze)
finders keepers in sydney last weekend (above)

kitchen table in the morning light (above) 
with vase by my mum (from the 70's)
plate by my friend selene 
and bowl - a treasure from last trip to japan 

studio view above and below here . . .
cloudy day above
messy space but on a sunshiny day below . . .

and finally leaf visitors on newly made work
thought this was mighty appropriate considering the wording on the bird . . .
there was singing from nature that day indeed !

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

finders keepers sydney THIS WEEKEND . . .

this week we are packing our boxes of goodies
and heading south for a few days to the 

we are thrilled as always to be a part of this event
and looking forward to saying hello to all our sydney friends and followers

it is always such a fun and fulfilling event
with great music and stalls . . .
so many wonderful creatives under one roof

the market is on friday night and all day saturday

details are HERE
do pop along and say hello if you are coming by
we've got lots of new goodies to share with you . . .

Monday, May 21, 2012

it's been three years this month since we launched our online store

time flies . . .
it's been amazing,
especially with all of you who have supported it,
blogged or spread the word about it . . .
it has been equally amazing with the work my shop girl teresa does
she really deserves all the praise in getting orders out on time,
and well wrapped !
( thanks T you the best online shop girl ever . . .
i know you are the only one i've had,
but you are still the best )

anyway . . .
to celebrate we are having a SALE in store
just quote the word 'three' in the discount code section at checkout
to receive 25% off you entire order (excluding shipping)
then press update total for it to take effect

we are also offering free shipping on all orders over $150
(the shipping costs will be refunded after the order comes through)

the sale is on until midnight Australian EST on may 30, 2012

there's a few new surprises in store also (see images below)
hope you like...
until next time
have a lovely monday...

these new magnets have been on the list for a while . . .
i'm just glad they are finally here to share with you all . . .
they are $12.95 each and available HERE

we are also happy to announce out new monogram circle tags
these come in every letter of the alphabet and in all four colour ways shown . . .
they are $9.95 each and can be found HERE

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i miss being here . . .

i know, this poor old journal has been lacking in entries these days,
and i do miss being here...

i think the instant nature of instagram 
has taken over my image sharing... 
but like facebook (which i am not yet* on)
not everyone is there on instagram...

and it is here where i want to, and must take the time, to get back to...

regardless of lack of posts here
believe me there has been lots going on behind the scenes, 
and truthfully never seems to be enough hours in the day !

i've had another small trip to japan (it seems to be my second home of late...)
 this time, over easter holidays when the studio closes for a week or so,
i went with a dear and kindred friend 
and her lovely girls to celebrate our big number birthday's this year 
(yes that four-o is looming)

the previous post's photo was taken and posted when we were there... 
we went to see the cherry blossoms... and cherry blossoms we saw
it was a wonderful and inspiring trip, as always
and i've come back with so many ideas my head is still spinning...

but between the trips this year it has been head down believe me !
we have started and made a good dint in to all our christmas stock for the year
as well as keeping up the usual ranges to all our lovely stores 
(the new happy tags are proving to be well loved)

so i thought i'd give you a sneak peek at this year's christmas bird designs...
there is a third one which i'll save for later

the snaps (above and below) were taken as 
we worked on building up stock of them a week or so ago, 

i love the clay and work at this stage
i wish i could keep them that way... 
the wet clay, the fingerprints, the place between just made and about to be something... 
i think that is why i take so many photos of this stage of my work
it is a way of preserving this delicate space 
the space between the breaths that clay takes...

we have also been working on a new range of monogram work
and earrings to finally get up in the online store...

we have finders keepers in sydney on june 1 and 2 
and then a month or so later in brisbane 
so we are making sure there's lots of new goodies for all those that pop along...

i'll be back in the next week with news of our 3rd birthday sale in our online store... 
YES i can't quite believe it has been three years, 
but it is a good excuse for some cake and a little sale...

AND there's some major exciting, life changing, news in the paper boat press HQ 
all will be revealed as the next couple of months creep on...

until next time


and thanks for not giving up on this funny-little-rambling-place for my work and words...

* facebook, well yes, i hardly have time for here, or catching up with emails 
and all the other reasons which i won't list here... 
i'm going against the grain i know 'every business should be on facebook' etc.... 
well i'm bucking the trend for now, i'm not saying never, just not today,
or tomorrow... sometime maybe when i have more time**

**not sure when that will be

p.s. my instagram name is paperboatpress if you are interested, 
i can commit to that because my phone is often, ok, nearly always with me... 
oh and i've started pintrest... same name...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

live in simple faith
just as this trusting cherry
flowers, fades, and falls


Friday, March 23, 2012

new in store

happy tags and name garlands are released !!!
we've been working hard creating some new little bits and pieces
for our retailers and online shop . . .

after the much loved five packs of little word tags (which are still available)
we have added these new little five packs
with flowers, hearts, and stars
in three colour ways...
and pink

we also have the popular vintage button stars, hearts, and flowers
in mini versions as five packs too
there is a little bit of stock already online
with lots of other packs heading to our stockists around the country
(we will restock asap if they get low on stock online)

also, the new and exciting name garlands are finally released
they are priced per letter at $12.95
(the stringing up of the garland is all part of the overall price)

we hope you like these new creations

for more info or to purchase these new items visit our SHOP

have a lovely weekend !

Monday, March 12, 2012

high tea with mrs woo

so, as the years have passed in this ceramic studio and creative life
i've made friends far and wide,
kindred spirits, connections
and life long bonds . . .

one of these precious and inspiring meetings
has come in the form of 3 sisters
the talented and inspiring
' clothing desingers, makers, merchants '
juliana, rowena, and angela
from the label high tea with mrs woo

the girls have been stocking my wares in their stores
in sydney and newcastle for the last few years,
we've also shared many an email,
dinners here, there, and in other cities
and basically been a little community of support to each other
in this hard working, time poor creative world . . .

so when the gals asked if they could include one of my cloud brooches
as part of their autumn winter collection 2012
i said yes before the question was even finished being asked
and really feel it more an honour than a request and order of stock . . .

so here we are now
with their collection now released (and divine as it is)
you can see the whole collection HERE
including the piece called 'as sure as rain' that includes my cloud brooch
and then you'll understand more why i am gushing here
and proud to call them friends . . .

congrats girls on living the dream and
thank you so much for merging a little corner of my work with yours

the girls have a beautiful blog (with an equally beautiful title)
if you feel like a look-see you'll find it HERE
(all photos on this post care of the high tea website and blog)

and in other news, the local (to brisvegas) staple that is MAP magazine
has released a new online weekend edition
aptly called weekend edition . . .
the lovely linsey who heads the team
came to the studio the other week to interview me
(and take a snap) for the launch issue which came out last week
you can read my little bit here
and then stay a while and have a look around, you'll be glad you did . . .

Friday, February 17, 2012

this week around the studio . . .

we are well and truly in full swing again for the year
with new products getting made,
and old favourites getting restocked too

working in a open verandah studio
lends itself to having little visitors from time to time
be them birds, or raindrops
or leaves . . .
the leaf above seemed to fall like a musical note the other day on that tray of work . . .

in other news
i am doing a special order for some
fabulous fashion designers
(that just happen to be good friends of mine too)
i am mighty chuffed about it and
all will be revealed in time . . .
there is a hint above, but only a hint . . .

hope you are having a lovely week

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

holiday snaps . . .

as promised i'm back with a few of my favourite holiday snaps i took
on my recent trip to kyoto . . .

it was a much needed and loved trip away . . .
above are some special corners of kyoto.

i spent some lovely time with my friend michelle and her mum on this trip . . .
with one of the highlights being a trip to the pavilion of the silver temple
somewhere neither of us had been
(even though we have both visited kyoto many times before)
it was lovely to share this place, and its amazing gardens with
a friend from home . . .
(silver temple gardens photos top left and bottom left above)
another extra special day on the trip
was with my friends justine and shozo
this beautiful couple have the most wonderful store
of japanese furniture, ceramics and objects
shibui homewares in west end brisbane . . .

we spent the day between antique markets in the grounds of a temple,
wandering the streets of kyoto and having a long lunch in
the amazingly styled and decorated hello cafe
(image bottom left),
stopping by a teahouse, and ending in a wonderful dinner in a
much loved restaurant of theirs . . .

and through the afternoon with them there was a visit to an antique store
where i purchased one of my treasured things EVER . . .
that story needs a post of its own, and i will do so someday . . .

i feel truly grateful that my holiday was shared with such dear friends along the way . . .

that is one of life's greatest gifts i think
to share beautiful memories

today i treasure this trip,
other trips i've taken near and far,
and those loved ones i've traveled with
you know who you are . . .

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the photo says it all . . .

it is true . . .
it has taken a while to get back into things this year

last year ended with the biggest year on record for this little studio
literally thousands and thousands of ornaments
and tags, and calendars etc etc
flew away to new homes,
most days of the week the studio light was on
as christmas drew closer . . .

i don't like using the words burnt out, but it is the right
description for how it all felt by the end,
and then the reason for my absence here,
the lack of replenishing stock on the online store and
the emails that we are still getting through . . .

i am not complaining about the tiredness
the years end bought my way
as this work, this studio,
is one of my greatest passions . . .

but sometimes you just need some time out

on the month away from here i caught up with friends
saw films on the big screen and from my couch . . .
read books,
designed some new things for the year ahead
(details to come)

and even managed a week walking the streets of kyoto
(one of my favourite places)
and a place where i was inspired and refreshed
i'll be sure to share some photos and stories of that adventure soon

in the mean time . . .
and i hope your new year is filled with
beautiful memories already
and with more to come as each day passes

i'll be back soon
(i know i say that a lot)
but i promise i will . . .

happy wednesday

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