Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the photo says it all . . .

it is true . . .
it has taken a while to get back into things this year

last year ended with the biggest year on record for this little studio
literally thousands and thousands of ornaments
and tags, and calendars etc etc
flew away to new homes,
most days of the week the studio light was on
as christmas drew closer . . .

i don't like using the words burnt out, but it is the right
description for how it all felt by the end,
and then the reason for my absence here,
the lack of replenishing stock on the online store and
the emails that we are still getting through . . .

i am not complaining about the tiredness
the years end bought my way
as this work, this studio,
is one of my greatest passions . . .

but sometimes you just need some time out

on the month away from here i caught up with friends
saw films on the big screen and from my couch . . .
read books,
designed some new things for the year ahead
(details to come)

and even managed a week walking the streets of kyoto
(one of my favourite places)
and a place where i was inspired and refreshed
i'll be sure to share some photos and stories of that adventure soon

in the mean time . . .
and i hope your new year is filled with
beautiful memories already
and with more to come as each day passes

i'll be back soon
(i know i say that a lot)
but i promise i will . . .

happy wednesday

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