Tuesday, August 31, 2010

j o u r n a l s . . .

yesterday i received the advances of the journals
paper boat press is about to release . . .

these are a long time coming,
in both the designing and creating process,
and the long term wish that one day . . .
. . . one day i'd have some journals in my range !

this range has three different cover designs
with blank pages . . .
there will be matching pencils to go with the journals also . . .

i shut my eyes in order to see
- gauguin

stripe and spot journal with red highlights and end papers . . .
designed after my love of japanese washi paper designs

fill your paper with the breathings of your heart
- wordsworth

vintage book design and labels a big influence on this one,
with the muted coffee colour background
and a beautiful green colour picked for the illustration/pattern
and end papers

wisdom begins in wonder - socrates

and clouds . . .
with text in brown and dark blue label edging and end papers

each of the labels on all three journals
are de-bossed giving a lovely little

added feel to the cover

i couldn't have got them made without the support and
encouragement of my wonderful sister
who is a print-wiz . . .

and my friend gill who did the most
fabulous of jobs helping me
with the graphic art
side of things
turning my drawings and pattern ideas into reality
. . . and print ready files etc etc . . .

they will be in my stockists and on my online store as of
mid to end of september and will retail for only $19.95
( which i am thrilled about for small hardcover journals )

and i'll be sure to have them at any of the markets
i do around christmas
also . . .


Monday, August 30, 2010

quiet and busy . . . with tea

i am just dropping in to show you a couple of snaps of studio life . . .
week after week in this christmas lead up. . .

cups of tea and friendship
keep us happy in this space

as we make and create
laugh, console, listen to music,
discuss our current favourite
television viewing

and generally feel like it's not really work at all . . .

( i count my blessings daily for this part of my life,
and the amazing and supportive women who
are my studio helpers and friends to boot )

. . . tea cup from my travels in england earlier in the year . . .

Friday, August 20, 2010

little houses . . . ... . .

hello there
i have found of late it is important to find
the joy in the spaces left behind

the other day
as we made another big order of kitchen tags
for our wonderful stockist
donna hay general store

it looked as though the clay left behind
hills of little houses
all in a row

Saturday, August 14, 2010

landing page...

my lovely and clever friend louise from
beautiful stationery makers
loose leaf
has helped me organise a 'landing page'
as a mean-time-kinda-thing
before my new website goes live
( fingers crossed that won't be too long away )
in the mean time
we created and photographed this little still life
which i'm so thrilled with

here people can still contact me,
join my mailing list,
connect to my online store or to this, my blog

hope you like it . . .

Monday, August 9, 2010

wherever you go . . .

wherever you go
go with all your heart

- confucius

( studio table with cups of tea and hearts all around us... august 2010 )

Saturday, August 7, 2010

journals are on their way

there's so many things to share over the next couple of months !

today i thought i'd give you a sneak peek at 2 of my 3
new journals to be released . . .
i've only got 'wet proofs' of the covers
so my friend selene ( featured peeking through them )
covered these two for me the other day in the studio . . .
she is a perfectionist so the right gal for the job . . .

these journals are now printing and will be available
in my online store and throughout my stockists around the country
by mid september . . .
there will be matching packs of quote pencils too
bundled in the patterns on the books !

they are hard covered little journals
with blank pages and a white ribbon marker . . .
the perfect little journals to write all the breathings
of your heart in . . .

in other news, both of my poetry books
( even the new one that is only a few months old )
are going into reprint . . .
there is more news to come with this
but all i will say for now is they and some
other top secret ( for now ) work is soon to be released . . .

it is all a little bit exciting and overwhelming
so i'll keep you posted
all in good time

thanks for those of you that email, write about in magazines, or blog
about my work, you are all so inspiring and supportive !
and i am so very grateful
have a lovely weekend

Thursday, August 5, 2010

these days . . .

these days it is head down at paper boat press HQ

and there are so many little things all around the studio
revealing beauty in each moment . . .

the leaves turning yellow, reflected in the cupboard doors . . .

the places where no matter the seemingly endless amount of 'production'
you fall in love with clay again and again
in it's still wet and earthy state . . .

and the heart whispers left behind on a drying board . . .

i'll be back again soon
with other bits and pieces . . .
and wanderings . . .

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