Tuesday, August 31, 2010

j o u r n a l s . . .

yesterday i received the advances of the journals
paper boat press is about to release . . .

these are a long time coming,
in both the designing and creating process,
and the long term wish that one day . . .
. . . one day i'd have some journals in my range !

this range has three different cover designs
with blank pages . . .
there will be matching pencils to go with the journals also . . .

i shut my eyes in order to see
- gauguin

stripe and spot journal with red highlights and end papers . . .
designed after my love of japanese washi paper designs

fill your paper with the breathings of your heart
- wordsworth

vintage book design and labels a big influence on this one,
with the muted coffee colour background
and a beautiful green colour picked for the illustration/pattern
and end papers

wisdom begins in wonder - socrates

and clouds . . .
with text in brown and dark blue label edging and end papers

each of the labels on all three journals
are de-bossed giving a lovely little

added feel to the cover

i couldn't have got them made without the support and
encouragement of my wonderful sister
who is a print-wiz . . .

and my friend gill who did the most
fabulous of jobs helping me
with the graphic art
side of things
turning my drawings and pattern ideas into reality
. . . and print ready files etc etc . . .

they will be in my stockists and on my online store as of
mid to end of september and will retail for only $19.95
( which i am thrilled about for small hardcover journals )

and i'll be sure to have them at any of the markets
i do around christmas
also . . .


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