Monday, October 27, 2008

floating studio

amongst my busy days at the moment
making thousands of quote tags and ornaments
i still find time to make work that is also dear to me...
my poetry bowls...

my studio seems to float into every room of my home
(and on to many a surface)
my coffee table yesterday afternoon for example
was full of these unfired and sponged back pieces of my heart...

i love clay in all its stages, but at this point i feel very connected to it
maybe because it is raw, honest, and fragile
kind of like my poetry (and maybe a bit like me too)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

frankie you're my *hero*

one of my favourite mags around is frankie...
although they say they are aimed at 20-somethings
& i am well (and truly) deep in my 30's, i still love this mag !

it actually reminds me of my favourite magazine
from my teenage years
an australian one called HERO....
anyone... anyone... bueller... bueller... ???

i couldn't find any images of it on the web,
& fear that without a big rummage under my parents home
i may not be able to unearth any copies i may have saved,
but how i loved it -
i poured over every page: the design, the articles,
the poetry... everything about it spoke to me
(and yes, unless i'm mistaken,
its 80's design would still stand up today)

AND when forming one of
my dearest friendships in my early 20's
with the wonderful sarah b
we discovered not only
our mutual love of music (anything neil finn)
7 inch single collecting (now i-tune downloads)
and so many other movie, craft, and art related matters...

most of all, & even though it was only around
for a few short years in the eighties, we both read HERO...

this is what truly sealed our friendship !

we both read frankie now
and today, after all this rambling, and trips down memory lane
i must thank the fabulous frankie mag
for the plug of my work in their newest edition.
frankie, you are my new hero...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

today i'm distracted

& doing anything but what i need to be doing...
(glazing... making... wrapping orders...)
i've been cleaning out a few parts of my home
& stumbled over this...
a small collaged paper boat press philosophy
i wrote back in '95 or '96 when i was starting my business.
then there was poetry and greeting cards
now there is so much more,
but it is nice (though a little reflective)
to see that what i thought for my business & my art work then,
i still do today

Saturday, October 18, 2008


fusions, home of the
australian network of clay & glass artists
(the old queensland potters association)
has reopened...
there's now a beautiful gallery space at street level
& the old church it was previously in has been revamped as well:
it is simply beautiful with its mezzanine gone,
& polished cement floor.
it all makes for an inspired & honoured home for
the wealth of potters we have in this country, this state, this town...
it has been many years in the making by many a dedicated person,
all of who deserve a huge congrats !
the opening show, featuring too many potters to name (here),
is well worth a look.
it's on the corner of malt & brunswick st
fortitude valley, brisbane

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bless their cotton socks

being ever so supportive :
the great team (and most of all the wonderful beverley) from
the kickarts shop
have used my work in an ad again...
this one goes in a mag next month
this sort of thing
makes my working life so rewarding, thank you. x

Saturday, October 4, 2008

counting stars

stars (with hopeful words) keep emerging from my kiln
above is an image of piles from yesterday morning's kiln load...
a corporate chrsitmas gift order for a
great australian homewares magazine.
this year has been about counting stars in so many ways...
now, i've just got to hope,
that the wish i ask of those stars
that sparkle in the night sky comes true too ...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


one of my favourite people (and artists)
lincoln austin
has a new exhibition: insideout that opened today at
andrew baker art dealer
lincoln's work has a stillness and complexity to it
that constantly inspires me...
his beautiful spirit and quiet intelligence
falls into every corner of each sculpture and work on paper...
meet the artist friday 10th october 6-8pm

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