Monday, August 11, 2008

long overdue photos...

as is the case in life: days, weeks, and months pass all too quickly !
i have been meaning to post these images for the longest time,
so for those that have been waiting my apologies...
it has now been six months
since the launch of count me the stars

finally, i am sharing some photos of that very special night !
taken by my old school friend matthew,
the images remind me how lucky i am :
not only have a collection of my work published,
but also to have the love and support of the many people
who came along that night... (as well as those who did so from afar)

1 in the forecourt (under the stars) at the GoMA Brisbane
2 my hand signing a book
3 my dear friend lincoln, who graced the night
with the most beautiful of speeches... again, thankyou x

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