Wednesday, May 5, 2010

. . . jiggity jig

home again, home again . . . but not for long . . .

these past few days have been a blur
it hardly feels like 4 days ago i arrived home,
i've hit the ground running
preparing for
finders keepers in sydney

deadlines are good things (most of the time)
but this one has been particularly tight . . .

though, despite my tiredness from the (longer than expected) trip
and working through the night (sometimes jet-lag induced)
i am pretty excited about the adventure this weekend

do stop by and say hello if you are coming along . . .

and i am also looking forward to sharing the time

with some brisbane friends. . . and catching up with another
haven't seen for a while, from far away . . .
and of course meeting and seeing new and fabulous
makers, designers and artists . . .

details for directions and times etc for finders keepers can be found

and soon, when i come up for air, i have many
wonderful art, ceramics, moments, bits 'n' pieces
i can't wait to share . . .

( photo above from finders keepers website, exterior of the carriage works )

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