Thursday, May 27, 2010

amsterdam : made by hand

my inspring friend pia sent a little parcel
through the post the other day . . .
her new and beauty-filled book
amsterdam: made by hand

if you thought paris: made by hand was wonderful
this will knock your socks off !

last month i was meant to visit pia,
but alas, if you sometimes read my ramblings
you will know volcanic ash got in the way . . .

now in this little book, i have,
as pia wrote in a note sent with the book
something to 'not' remember amsterdam by . . .
we laugh about it now,
and i know one day i'll get back there . . .

so now, through her eyes, not by her side as planned,
i have taken many a wander through the streets
of this town . . .
in this delightful book . . .

pia's words, and respect for the artisans
she features is something to be celebrated . . .
and even if you aren't able to travel
her book is a little bundle of inspiration
where you can travel in your heart

pia says in her introduction:
'After moving into our houseboat
I discovered serendipitously, that,
once upon a time,
it was used as a ceramics studio.
It's proof that creativity pops up
in the most unexpected places, and discovering
them unlocks this wonderous city's
best-kept secrets.'

creativity . . .

we need to
make sure we take the time
to find the corners where it sometimes hides,
even if it isn't doesn't feel like it is
there some days . . .

congrats pia,
you are a treasure
as is this new beautiful book

amsterdam: made by hand
available from now (or soon)
in bookshops all over the world
and online including HERE

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