Saturday, November 15, 2008

getting through the work

this year has seen such growth in my business...
and in my dedication to my poetry and one off pieces.

paper boat press couldn't be where
it is today without the support of my friends and family
that help it in so many ways...

from those oompaloompa's (as they like to refer to themselves)
who work in the studio with me... spending time with them is a joy...
to my circle of ever encouraging friends (you know who you are)

to my dedicated mum and dad, who, over the past few months

have showed me so much support it's hard to put in to words.

a few years back my mum had a bad fall off a ladder
and had to give up work, which was very hard in itself...
but through my business expanding
she feels gainfully employed earning a modest little income
sponging the green-ware and tying ribbons etc.
working from her home, at her pace, when her injuries let her...

so it isn't just about me, and my dreams
it's about the little community this growth has created.

and i suppose the knowledge that the thousands of little ornaments
and quote tags have been touched and made by many
wonderful people, just puts more love in each piece,
well, that's my take on it anyway...

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