Tuesday, December 2, 2008

how lovely

to be featured in the new issue of InsideOut
with one of my friends and favourite ceramic artists
mel robson

we both use text in our work:
mel with recipes, letters and other forms of handwriting
(of which she says she is obsessed... really obsessed)

& me on vessels with my own poetry,

and on quote tags with quotes by some of histories
greatest thinkers, writers and artists...

at the moment my poetry vessels are low on stock in
some stores that stock them
this is due to sales of the work (which i am grateful for)
and also due to the amount of work i am able to produce
my apology's for this.

this saturday i will have a small collection
of poetry vessels at the GoMA markets
(as mentioned in the previous post)

and the remainder of these after the market will be sent to
the gallery store at the queensland art gallery
and coming up roses at balmoral...

details of these, and other stores
are on my stockists page HERE

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