Monday, February 9, 2009

what's in a name ?

the print press in this country has been so generous
to my art and my business.
the latest is a little mention in the valentines day gift spread
in the virgin blue in flight mag

it's always nice to see how your work is styled

and what other work shares the page.
this time on the facing page is work
by two potters
whose work i so admire:
Kirsten Coelho and Patsy Hely
and then sharing the page a piece by Bridget Bodenham
(i have a piece very similar of hers in my collection, love it)

the only problem was there was a typo,
and these are forgiven of course . . .

they listed my business as paper boat EXpress
and i have to say at the rate i'm working at the moment,
it does feel a little fast around here with so much on my plate . . .
so i saw the misprint as a sign to slow down and
keep things in perspective . . .

if there is one part of my business that people always
comment on - it is its name . . .
i'd written a poem 14 years ago about a paper boat,
and somehow the name came from there.

then i was using paper, making cards and my handmade books . . .

now i press words into clay, and although the word press
in a business name often denotes publishers or printers
or something paper like - it still has meaning to me . . .

the quote on the featured tag says:

that love is all there is,
is all we know of love
- emily dickinson -

and those words are something i take into my everyday
especially today . . .

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